Honest opinions please! Manhattan pm question...

  1. I'm 5'7", about 120 lbs. & I'm thinking of getting a Manhattan PM. Do you think this bag is too small for me since I'm kinda tall & pretty much always wear heels? I'm usually a big-bag girl, but I like the look of the PM better than the GM. TIA everybody!!
  2. I think the PM would looks cute on you... I saw a girl at the airport the other day w/ a Man. PM and she was about 6" w/ heels and she looked about 110 and it was SO cute on her!
  3. Have you tried it on IRL? I think it would look fine for your height and weight. It's not a very shy girl bag.
  4. yeah the right thing is to try it first
    u can never now about those things before u tried them irl
  5. I am 5'7" and way heavier than you and I carry many of the small bags.
    They are fine as long as they are cute :smile:
  6. I think you should be fine !
  7. I think it would be fine on you! I have one and love it..its very classy:heart:
  8. I think it'd look really nice!
  9. I think it would look great on you! I found it to be a little too small on the inside for me. But I still like the look.
  10. No i don't think it's too small. I've seen people who are much taller than you and use a pochette as a purse which is prolly 5-10X smaller than the Manhattan PM and they look fine. If you like the bag, buy it!:yes:
  11. I think it will look good on you. My sister in law is about 5'9 and she proudly carries her mono pochette and it looks great! So I do not think the Manhattan would look small on you.
  12. the bag would look great on you! :smile:
  13. i tried it on and i'm 5'6" and a lot heavier and thought it would look small and it didn't. it's such a classy bag i swear it looks fantastic on anyone
  14. When I was in Vegas I saw the Manhattan PM on MANY different body frames and I'm convinced that even over the Speedy 30 that this is the bag that suits everyone. Short, fat, tall, skinny... it looks great with everyone! I wasn't the biggest fan of this bag until seeing it on so many body types.
  15. Manhattan PM or GM will be great on you, the bag is so cute itself, it will compliment every body frame, and it's more practical since GM is soo heavy even when it's empty! A must have!:devil: