Honest Opinions on this MJ purse

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  1. HI! I currently don't own MJ yet. In the beginning, I really didn't care for it because I guess I was addicted to LV. Today I was shopping in Nordstrom, and saw the Quilted Multi-Pocket Tote in Cream color. I fell in love with it :love: but decide to think about when I saw the price:hysteric: $1095. It looks so good on me.. lol.. :graucho: But, I was thinking of getting the LV manhattan pm instead if I was gonna spend $1000..

    Can anyone please tell me honestly if this purse is pretty? Also, Is it worth paying $1095 for this purse?

    They didn't have the cream color on eluxury so I just put the blue one instead. Thank you all in advance.
  2. While I personally love MJ bags, I think in this case I prefer the LV manhattan instead....i think it has a more classic and luxurious look
    of course this this just my opinion....:shame:
  3. Thanks for your honest opinion. I really like this MJ bags coz of the quilted look but I love the LV manhattan pm. I'm still debating.....
  4. I'm not a fan of the Multipocket, because the strap is too long. It's also a chain which makes the bag a bit heavy, heavier than my current MJ.

    Also, I don't find it fits a heaping amount, and the pockets are too small for a cell phone.

    I much prefer the Vuitton you mentioned. THAT is one of the best LV bags!
  5. That electric blue color is to die for I think. I def. prefer that one over the cream.
  6. I really like that MJ bag! But since you like the manhattan, have you considered a Venetia or Blake? They are the same style as the Manhattan. They come in quilted, too, if you prefer the quilted.

    And MJ bags do go on sale, if you want to wait for a better price.

    Good luck!
  7. Hey anghelq...

    I think the quilted MP style is really uncomfortable to carry for long periods of time because of the chain. The chain can get pretty bulky, from what I've heard.

    Manhattan PM is probably my favorite LV bag! If I were you, I'd probably get a different MJ, or the PM. That probably wasn't too helpful, but there ya go! I love my non-quilted MP!
  8. I personally don't like Quilted Multipocket's thick/funky chain.
    I would go for Manhattan PM. =)
  9. ^^^I'm with bag.lover on this! That chain always gets me. I would go for the Manhattan. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find that Quilted MP for less somewhere in a few months as well.
  10. Do you pics of Venetia or Blake? Thanks.
  11. Thanks so much! I appreciate it!
  12. That's true.. I've seen the quilted Marc Jacobs on sale on eluxury around December. Thank you for the advice. Although, I'm on purse ban I might break it and get the LV manhattan pm. I been wanting it for a long time.
  13. It's a gorgeous bag BUT I think it's too trendy. If it's something quilted you want I say go for a chanel. Not crazy about the Manhattan PM. I reccomend the venetia for you. You're probably familiar already, but it's basically the Manhattan PM except ALL LEATHER, no silly logos, and best of all, not as expensive.
  14. Manhattan PM and GM are LV's version of MJ's Blake and Venetia respectively.

    PFer Jennifer's Ivory Blake.

    PFer Xochrissie's Pomengranate Venetia.
  15. ^ Soft Calf Classic Blake in Tapioca (Resort 2006).

    (source: shoptwigs.com)

    From the new Resort '06 collection, Marc Jacob's much-coveted "Blake" redefines winter-white chic, debuting in "Tapioca". As fashionable as it is flawless, the Blake features supple Italian calfskin accented with signature golden push-lock hardware, top handle with rings, and impeccable attention to detail, the Blake also offers three individual compartments. Two compartments have top zippers and the middle a magnetic closure. Made in Italy. 8.5"x13"x6"