Honest opinions on this bag

  1. if you have a tjmaxx/marshalls nearby...it would be cheaper (seen them for $199)

    it's cute...bit young IMO...but cute.
  2. I have seen them at my TJ Maxx near me too.
    It is a great spring bag!
  3. young and trendy so not too classic or timeless
  4. I think it's cute, too. I saw them at my TJMaxx, as well. And, like SilverSea said, it's a great spring/summer bag.
  5. Cute, wouldn't be my first choice for a summer bag but I do like it.
  6. It's nice, out at most outlets, but in real life, the flowers look kind of cheap. They look as if they were just screen printed on or something. I would suggest seeing one in real life before purchasing, but the straw tote is really cute!
  7. At TJ Maxx today and they don't have it at mine, just the demi.....It is a cute bag.
  8. Personally...I'm not feeling it. But it is a cute bag for the right person.
    I too saw this very same bag earlier this week at TJMaxx and Marshalls here in SoCal for a much lower price.
  9. It was at a local TJMaxx about a month ago and it didn't do much for me. They also had the demi which was a little cuter.
  10. I purchased this bag last summer on eBay for around 240.00. I have yet to use it because it felt kind of scratchy and stiff to me.
  11. It's a cute bag for summer IRL It's just not for me.
  12. It's OK, but not at that price; they probably picked it up at TJ Maxx for re-sale. It's a cute bag, but a lot of money for something so trendy...but that's me. I try to use my summer bags more than one season, so I will look for a more classic design that will go from year to year. (live in cold climate) But if you live in a warmer climate, where it will get lots of use, why not"
  13. I think its cute, but it looks a bit cheap IRL.