Honest opinions on the 2 bags below

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  1. Not a fan of exterior metal plates...so the first one:smile:
  2. i like the second one!
  3. I like both but if I don't like the plate so close to the bottom on the Marc Jacobs, and love the quilting on the first bag.
  4. The second one DEFINATELY :biggrin:
  5. These are both very nice, but I like the details of the first.
  6. same :P
  7. I like the MBMJ. I notice he and Halston are both making bags that inspire the LV Mahina! I guess after a while all designers run out of ideas and knock each other off!
  8. Annie, I find that I prefer the Treesje over the MBMJ Francesca but the shape reminds me of the baby aidan which you found to be too bowler bag-like.
  9. i actually LOVE it

    lvoe the shape

    love the brass nameplate

    and i actually love where it is positioned :smile: but i'm a wierdo

    how big is the second bag?

    i totally want one!

    it has an easy, casual grace i think

    first one is too fussy for me but I'm not you! and you probably dress better than me... i'm LAZY :smile:

  10. love it!!!

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  11. I prefer the MbMJ...but it's quite large and seems like it might be cumbersome to carry.
  12. for me it depends on whether i intend to buy a bag for long term use or a 1 season (maybe not 1 season but more of a trendy design) bag.

    mbmj is more classic, timeless i can see myself using it for the next 5-10 years

    treesje is trendy with all the intricate details ... it may also be heavier with all the details

    personally i prefer mbmj :heart: good luck deciding!
  13. I prefer this one, because it's more slouchy and simple. The other seems to be trying too hard with all that texture going on.

  14. I'd go with number 2 since it's simple and can be great for the office.