Honest opinions on tattoos...any regrets?


Sep 17, 2006
I am very interested in opinions concerning tattoos. My 23 year old daughter has one and just informed me she would like to get a second and eventually a third. She has very specific ideas about them and said that they would not be done in any too conspicuous placement. Although she does want them seen by others. I although am not a big fan of something thats permanent. I can appreciate a nice artistic tattoo on others but in general one is about all i can handle! Do those of you who have them every regret them? I feel at her age she may regret them in the future. They are not to horrible "ugly in your face" but they are permanent. She wants to have a "special reminder " of a time in her life-that's her explanation. Anyway , I would love to hear some opinions. I do now that they have become very mainstream. Her group of friends all have tattoos. Thanks everyone!


Mar 6, 2010
I have no regrets. I have my left side, right hip, and back done with fairly substantial pieces. I'm 26 now...started getting tattooed at around 23. Tattoos get a bad name because there are so many bad ones out there. I'm sure she is thinking everything through. If she feels regret in 10 years there is nothing that can be done. Sometimes you just have to live.


Dec 28, 2007
i got my first tattoo at 22 and am now 26 and have 8. i'm going to get #9 tomorrow. most of mine are small (i do have one on my foot that is larger). my only regret is that i used up all my real estate and want more :smile:


Dec 27, 2005
I have seen beautiful tattoos and horrible ugly ones which to me were not done by people who had artistic talent. I don't have any but think it is up to an individual to do what they want with their own body. The only regret I think a person might have if they had one with a person's name and then they break up with that person and is stuck with it unless they do removal.


Jan 1, 2013
I have 3. I got my first one 17 years ago and my last almost 8 years ago. None are too big and they aren't always visible. I have no regrets because I wanted them. And all these years later, I still like them.


May 24, 2009
Left Coast, USA
I have two and plans for more. The first one is on my left shoulder, between my arm and collar bone (front of my shoulder? Not sure what to call it.) It was a 50th birthday present and Goodbye to Australia present to myself. It is a pretty good size swallow in the old school style.
The other is a much smaller #13 for my dad, done right before he passed on my right arm.

The only regrets I have is that the swallow IS visible in some tops and I have worked one place since I had it done where I had to cover it. I am famous in that part of town for my scarves, lol, because that would cover it. I am a social worker by trade, and really, it was just prejudice on behalf of our boss. Other people at work had tattoos that couldn't be covered and most of our clients did.

Otherwise? I love my tattoos.


Dec 23, 2013
I'm 29 now and got my first when I was around 22ish. To be completely honest I pretty much regret all of my 8 tattoos. I have a large japanese lotus flower on my right shoulder blade, a scripture on the left side of my back, a Thai tiger on my rib, a japanese Phoenix on my left upper thigh and a cherry blossom tree from my left ankle all the way to mid/upper thigh as well as a few little ones.

Regret might be too strong of a word, I may be more happier if I didn't get such large and visible tattoos. I really did enjoy having these artwork on my body, most of them I had travelled overseas to get them done by a fantastic tattoo artist. I am in a very corporate role and it does limit what I can wear to work in order to hide it and I think I have had some lifestyle changes over the past few years where in my opinion, isn't as suitable for me anymore.

I do however, see some people with much larger tattoos and admire how beautiful it is on them!


Oct 17, 2013
I think placement & quality are the key. My brother has loads of tattoos--some are fairly well done and others look as if they were done by a recent parolee with the artistic skills of a 10 year old :yucky:
But because he made little/no effort to put them in discreet places, he is stuck wearing long sleeved shirts with high necklines , even in the summer, whenever he attends large family events , job interviews, etc.
Jan 14, 2007
I don't personally have any tattoos but I've seen ones that I like such as a simple phrase or word on the inside of the arm or wrist. And I think tattoos on younger women look fine for the most part but in my opinion, it does not look attractive as women get older; late forties and older.


Lady Philosophy
May 13, 2008
Near carnage alley
I have two and don't regret them at all! One is right above my left ankle which can be covered whenever I wear pants or tights but the one on my forearm is too large to be covered unless if I wear long sleeves all the time which I don't. I teach (special education and primary/junior) and it's no big deal as long as they aren't gang related, inappropriate language, depicting violent acts or nudity. Quite a lot of educators and child youth workers on our board also have facial and tongue piercings.


Jan 31, 2014
Texas, USA
I have two and I absolutely regret both of them. One is on my ankle, and the other one is on the back of my ankle, so to speak, on the other leg. I don't really know what you'd call that area. If I had to redo it, I wouldn't have gotten them. If I had to get them, I'd get them somewhere that isn't seen on a day to day basis.
I have 1 very large magnolia branch w butterflies on the right side of my lower back. No one knows I have it unless I want you to know. I don't regret it. I think placement is key!

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Nov 30, 2012
State of Aloha
Aloha everyone..this is a great topic I was born and raised in the Island of Maui Hawaii so tattoo is very common for us Islanders, I got my first tattoo when I was 21 it is in my back and has the Plumeria flower and the maile leaf with my parents name on it since my parents are going to be my parents forever and they are very special to me, and the second tatto is in my ankle with again plumeria flower and the maile leaf on it...BTW plumeria is symbol of a love a the Maile leaf is symbol of respect, and one on my wrist which is I have my Hawaiian name Apelila:smile: