Honest opinions on light silver reissues?!

  1. What do we think, too much/too bright for regular use or do you love it? If you own it, do you use it a lot or do you find yourself grabbing something else most of the time? TIA
  2. I don't own one, but I've seen them around quite abit. I think light silver is stunning to look at, but because it's so bright, I might get bored of it after a while.
  3. hi Lola! well I have last year's lt silver in 225.It is blingy but in I love it besides I was looking for a true silver shade.I use it a lot on formal occ,that's why I got it in the first place.
    After seeing many pic of celebrities aka Paris H (lol) wearing it with casual clothes too I changed my mind and don't think of it as only a formal purse,it can match with many outfits cause the colour is actually neutral.225 is small for me to use it as an everyday bag but I guess that any size will look fabulous especially on younger Fers here who as I see are dressed very modern and elegant.
    I haven't seen this year's IRL and was wondering how the light hardware would look on it -mine has shiny\not tarnished dark ruthenium and somehow makes a contrast with the light colour-but after seeing pix of the new 08 re posted (Sakara) I like it the same!
    hope it helps!:smile:
  4. Thanks! I'm thinking 226 size, my concern is that the metallics are maybe a bit trendy which I want to avoid because I do not sell bags and try to stay as classic as possible...... and for some reason the dark silver seems less trendy to me than the light silver but I keep looking at the light silver......torn! Anyway, thanks for the in put, helps very much!
  5. It's blingly, trendy, imo. That said with the right outfit it would work just fine, but I don't see it as a grab and go everywhere kind of purse. If it's your first Chanel, I'd choose something that is more usable, practical.

    I'll admit I have the dark silver from '07. It has bronze hues and it's quite lovely. It's a tad more subdued than the aluminium (lt. silver). I'll also add I'm disappointed that Chanel did not offer anything other than metallics for this season's reissues.
  6. I know what you mean Lola! the problem with the metallics is that you either have to be sure you are going to use them and loove them too!
    There was a thread about the trendiness or not of the met,and although many Fers said that they keep on coming in fashion,I do think they're kind of trendy now !personally I don't care so much since I loved it at first sight :love: -actually I love all the metallics lol and I don't sell bags either!:yes:
  7. I have the light silver reissue and love it to bits!I've got lots of compliments.I agreed that the bag was very bling bling to me at first but it just looked really good when I tried it on at the boutique which was why I bought it right away.Before I would never even consider buying anything silver but IMO silver is a colour that you have to try on for yourself to see how it goes with your look.I wear the bag with casual clothes all the time and it looks perfect!
  8. I don't have one and personally would never spend that for a reissue, but I do love the light silver a lot.
  9. I've been searching everywhere for a light silver 224 to use as an evening bag! Especially for dancing when you want hands free.

    Finally bought a light silver WOC that I hope will get here soon and I think I may like even better than a 224 (not to mention $1000 cheaper!).

    As an evening bag, I think I'll use it for a very long time.
  10. i :heart: the light silver ~ i plan to get a 224 at some point & use it mainly as an evening bag ~ i also bought really bright silver wedges last summer & haven't worn them yet ~ light silver with a tan ~ out for dinner on a summer evening...............:love:
  11. If I'm honest I didn't really like the light silver IRL, I thought it looked too aluminium foily to me, I loved the dark silver though and bought it in a smaller size (225) so it wouldn't look too blingy and could be used for night as well.
  12. I don't have a silver reissue but a silver luxury flap. Because of the color, I never used it and sits in my closet since I bought it. But the color is really pretty and nice to look at. The color is trendy to me.
  13. Thanks for the input, I'm really thinking if I go metallic the dark silver is a better option for me..... I'm on the wait list for the Hawaii exclusive light silver timeless clutch so maybe I should just wait for that and focus on a more everyday color reissue. I have a dark silver card case and love the color so much, still torn on a whole larger bag (rather than clutch) in metallic now though, dark or light silver:confused1::s
  14. I think I agree, I've actually used the aluminum foil reference myself :p, plus I want a 226 so I think that size in bright silver is a little out of my comfort zone.....and not quite my style. But then I see a picture of someone wearing it and it does get my attention....grrrr
  15. i also think the silver is blingy and prefer t he dark silver!!