Honest opinions of the Hampstead PM in ebene

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    Is the hampstead PM (ebene) a popular style? It does not seem like many people like them...what are your thoughts on this bag?
  2. I have one & love it alot.

    However the 2 flat shoulder straps doesnt fit too comfortably.. one of the straps tend to fall off from my shoulder.
  3. I think it is a pretty bag, but I would probably opt for the MM for comfort.
  4. i have the mm and i use my alot . i still like it.....
  5. #5 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
    I LOVE THE HAMPSTEAD MM!!!!:smile:
  6. I love the MM, PM...not so much:tpfrox:
  7. I like it. The PM is not big enough for me, but I think it is super cute! It is pretty in azur too!
  8. I have the pm in azur. I like it, but my DH loves it. The agree the strap keeps falling. Buy the MM.
  9. don't really care for it. I do not like how wide and stiff the bottom is. I think for the price it should have a zipper. If I want to carry an open tote I like the neverfull better. Or the saleya since it zips
  10. I like the Azur, but am bother also about the wide bottom.
  11. I really like the hampstead a lot, but prefer it in the MM size. I like it in the damier ebene and also love it in the damier azur! I don't own one but I have seen it IRL and it's gorgeous! Good luck with your decision!
  12. I agree with the wide bottom. It's quite uncomfortable for me to wear it as a shoulder bag as it sticks out too much. It is a pretty bag. My friend has the PM and she admits that it is better as a handheld or crook of arm bag.
  13. I have the PM in ebene and I still love it. :smile: It's a gorgeous bag, but not an everyday one because it's not the most comfortable bag. I think if you're petite (under 5'4), the PM would be a decent size without feeing overwhelming.
  14. I have the pm and Im so happy with it. It is my first LV bag. I picked it cos it is not so common as much as NF and Speedy thats why it is quite special in a way.

    I get a lot of admiring looks when I wear it . It is quite versatile too. I use it when I go to dinner or meeting friends at the city. I agree that it is not an everyday bag but it is something you can use casually or as part of your formal wear. No regrets!!
  15. I think it's cute but it's too small. I like the MM better since it has extra detail on the straps =)