Honest opinions of my mini red Mabel...pics

  1. Hi Guys, my red Mabel turned up and I must admit that I really like the size, just right for a trip out with the small amount I carry. ( I prefer the look of the larger size but just wouldn't fill it)
    But..does it look too small for my frame??
    I have taken some pics ( the first 4 are of my Mabel)

    I have put it up against my Pink Ledbury and now think I may sell the Ledbury as it pales into insignificance!!




  2. Rachie - It looks great, honestly! The only thing I'd say is I think it's a dressing up kind of bag because of its size. It'll look fab with smart clothes, I don't think it's going to work as well dressed down.
  3. No I agree. I think with a nice white skirt and I have some Bev Feldman shoes that have cherries on the front and in the heel (sounds strange but look great) would jazz up any outfit..
    The colour is lovely but I wouldn't want to have paid full price, I got it half price (£225) in the sale..
  4. Oooo Rachie it looks gorgeous, can you carry it on your shoulder?
  5. No it's handles are a little short, but after a car accident 2 years ago, I struggle with carrying bags on my shoulder for too long!!
  6. Can`t go wrong really can you? with a red mabel.

    OOO did you say you might be selling a pink bag??

    Are you going to put it on eBay??
  7. A pink Ledbury on eBay now.
    I paid £150 for itin Nov, off eBay.
    It arrived quite dirty but I managed to clean it up nicely, I thought about getting the front disc changed, Mulberry quoted £20 but to tell you the truth, I like the older looking ones, (slightly worn)
  8. I absolutely adore it, but it is too small for me. If it cannot fit a pack of Huggies wipes then it is not big enough!

    Also, smile woman...you just got a new Mulberry bag!!!
  9. Just realized how untidy my bedroom looked!!
    In the process of clearing out my wardrobe to make room for my new bags!!
  10. Cute, cute, cute - and I :heart: the red! It will add class to any outfit and I don't think it looks too samll - as long as you are happy with the capacity of the bag. Congrats!!!
  11. It's gorgeous, a really lovely colour :smile: Congrats!
  12. Shame - I like small shoulder bags that fit snugly under the arm.
  13. I like it too, glad youre happy with it, I think red is loads more versatile than pale pink because it will work equally well in summer as in winter. And no it doesnt look too small for your frame!
  14. thanks Guys.
    I bit the bullitt and put my Ledbury on ebay and it sold really quickly!!
    Now looking at selling the olive Phoebe...I have an oak one too and they are extremely heavy.
    The style of the mabel has really grown on me...
    I was going to buy a black somerset tote but might look at a black mabel instead (although they are quite pricey)
  15. I think it looks lovely!