Honest opinions needed on this ring...

  1. I've recently lost enough weight that I need to replace my wedding ring. Please comment on this ring. I found this pic from an auction on eBay and I think it's identical to the one I'm interested in. It is by Simon G.

    Thoughts? Alternative suggestions, please be honest! My hubby doesn't care much for it, thinks it's too masculine.

  2. Its so subjective--I mean, that ring looks good, but is it your style? If so, go for it. Can't you just get your other ring resized? Congratulations on your weight loss!
  3. I think that something like a wedding ring is such a personal thing since you will probably wear it more than any other piece of jewelry. I think that it is pretty, not at all what I would call masculine. Can you find a dealer locally where you may be able to try it on before you buy?
  4. I prefer to see a narrower band. I'm sure you can find other similar designs that you can both fall in love with!!
  5. i agree with saligator and lvrawks, but i'd have to say that i really do like the ring. it has a cocktail flavor to it and uniqueness that differs from the traditional band/ring
  6. Congratulations on your weight loss. I'm trying to do the same thing. Any advice? :smile:
    First of all it depends on you if to buy it or not. You will be wearing it everyday and you have to like it.
    I wouldn't chose whis one. It's very pretty but I prefer narrow bands. Even if it's a pave setting (which I love btw) I think it looks better if it's delicate and subtle.
    I really love this new Tiffany setting Novo. I think it will look great with any size of diamond.
    Tiffany's Novo ring.jpg
  7. This ring is nice but for me I like really really simple styles. Like others have said, if you like it then you should get it since you'll be the one wearing it.
  8. I ADORE it!!!
  9. I love it! I like MASSIVE diamonds and bands although I'm a yellow gold person. If YOU like it, thats all that matters.
  10. Thanks for the replies! I've lost just over 90 lbs so far so my rings would need to be sized more than is possible/recommended. My size has gone from 9 1/2 to 6...and the design of my original set would be compromised.

    I will still keep my original set and maybe have it remade later in the same design...not sure.

    I have found the above ring at a local jeweler and I will use my existing center stone.

    I tried on a lot of rings and I really like the simple solitaire look but it looks dumb on me.

    I think I'm just really trying to justify spending the money on this right now :amuse: I'm pretty sure I'll go ahead with it. Hubby was going to buy it Tuesday but I got cold feet.
  11. Karo - the only thing that has worked for me in losing weight is Weight Watchers...and exercise. IMO it's a fairly easy, manageable program to follow. And, it doesn't require separate meals for everyone in the house.
  12. It is pretty and sturdy enough for everyday use
  13. Gosh, I think it's stunning...what kind of man would wear that? LOL It's not masculine to me at ALL.

    I also love the one that karo posted. Both are just beautiful.

    Someday I'll be asking your guys' opinions for replacing my (stolen) ring too. :smile:
  14. Personally I think that ring is beautiful!
  15. i think it's beautiful, not masculine at all.