Honest opinions needed on this DKNY bag...

  1. I saw it on eluxury not too long ago, forgot about it, then saw it in the latest Lucky Magazine today in a different color and it looked nice. I'm thinking about it...has anybody seen it in person?

    eLUXURY - DKNY - Mixed Materials Flap Shoulder Bag DKNY#
  2. I like the bag, but I'm not crazy about the black. The chocolate seems richer. Are there other colors you are you considering?
  3. I need a black bag, but it looks so much better in chocolate.:love:
  4. I like it, too. I have owned DKNY bags before and they're very nice for the price. I think the chocolate is prettier than the black too. I also like the style of the handle and the hardware.
  5. I think it would look better in chocolate too!
  6. I haven't seen it in person, but it looks nice... have to agree with everyone on the chocolate looking nicer though!
  7. I like it...and like the black
  8. I really like it- my only concern is that resale would be abysmal.
  9. Very pretty.............
  10. I like it but don't love it if I am honest, sorry:flowers:
  11. I like it but I haven't seen it IRL. I think the chocolate would be prettier too.
  12. I feel exactly the same way...I wish I loved it; I really love the price of it. I was trying to talk myself out of buying a more expensive black bag, but after seeing the more expensive one in person, I've decided against this one.:shame:

    Thanks for the replies, ladies!:supacool:
  13. I would also have to say I like it but don't love it and it does look better in chocolate.
  14. i like that bag.. it is pretty.. now, for black.. well it is oki but i want it in a diff color..
  15. Not bad :yes: Would love to see it in a different color, maybe a dark green.
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