honest opinions needed on this bracelet please :)

  1. Hello,

    It might help to provide information about your style. Many people won't know if it works for you if it doesn't match your style. If it matches your style then go with it. If not then, don't go with it.
  2. I hate to say anything bad about anyone's jewelry...but the multi-stone bracelet reminds me of the Olympic rings! The stones themselves are gorgeous, especially the emeralds--that wonderful green. I also think it's too much with the other bracelet.
  3. I have to agree. Maybe if it was just one solid colour but, with the various stones, I find it a bit dated. Love your VCA though!
  4. It looks a little "90s" to me. It's definitely interesting but not my taste..
  5. its very 80s-90s
    i do however really like the stones on their own. the colors of the ruby, sapphire and emeralds are gorgeous!
  6. Sorry, I do not care for it. Not my taste and definitely not with your lovely VCA. Maybe on your other wrist?
  7. I agree with the 80's/90's vibe. I personally like it, but would prefer it with fewer colours as it would be really hard to match with anything. It's one of those pieces where if it's not your style then you won't wear it and enjoy it whereas someone else might love it and get a lot of wear out of it.
  8. agree!
  9. I could see it working with a bright or bold outfit of a single similar color, and layering it with an all gold piece, but it's definitely not a versatile piece. I love the gemstone colors...
  10. Thanks everyone, you all share my sentiments. I really wanted to love it because of how beautiful the stones are but with the baguette cut and the mix of the colors of the stones I know its not my style at all. It was a gift but I don't see myself with it. My BF said it was because it wasn't from Tiffanys or VCA so I thought if you guys liked it then maybe he had some stock in his statement but I see now its really just not my taste.