honest opinions needed on new ring

  1. What does everyone honestly think of this ring on me?

    I bought the ring on eBay from Neimans Jewelry. I can't seem to decide if its too big on me... I do like how sparkley it is, lol. :biggrin:

    I've attached 2 pics because my camera is broken, on blurry with a flash and one not blurry without a flash.

    thanks much!
    P1012807.JPG P1012815.JPG
  2. beautiful ring ~ what about putting it on your ring finger instead of your middle finger? I do think it's a tad too big for the middle finger. If it were mine, that's what I'd do. :smile:
  3. I do not think the ring is too big! It's lovely--enjoy it!
  4. too big? No way! If that's big, mine's massive! LOL!
    I have a sapphire/diamond band similar to that and it's wider, I wear it on my rt hand ring finger.
    I think that looks lovely on you!:yes:
  5. i've already got another ring on my right hand ring finger and it wouldn't fit on my left hand middle finger :sad: i thought about that too though. if i put it on my left hand ring finger, that would make me married, lol.
  6. Good point! Don't take my opinion too seriously though. I have this thing about rings on my middle fingers ~ I just can't do it!! It feels weird to me and doesn't look good on me. So I could be very biased! You have lovely thin fingers ~ I think you could wear anything. :idea:
  7. that's GORGEOUS!

    keep it.
  8. I like it! It's classic but not boring. :smile:
  9. I like it too. Its not too big at all =)
  10. Looks lovely on you!!!
  11. It's perfect on you! A middle finger ring is hard to pull off for some people, but yours looks gorgeous. definitely a keeper!
  12. It is beautiful, and I love it on your middle finger!
  13. Looks great!!
  14. It is definitely not too big.
  15. looks good!
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