Honest opinion - Neverfull a classy bag?

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  1. Hi ladies - I'm considering purchasing the Neverfull MM Damier Azur as my new work bag. I want new durable everyday shoulder tote and everyone raves about the Neverfull canvas (I also live in a hot climate and wear light-coloured clothes so prefer DA instead of DE).

    There are two things which stop me. First, the price seems to have gone up a lot during the past couple of years and I'm wondering whether it's still the same value for money or if I can get something better for this price?

    Second and more important, I feel like LV has become slightly mainstream and there are so many replicas and fake LV bags everywhere. It kind of puts me off from getting the bag and I feel like it will make it less special. What do you think? Do you consider LV pieces still classy? I know this might not be the best place to ask but wanted to get your honest opinion!
  2. I don't think the bags are inherently classy or un-classy. It's all about the person carrying them. I mean, Audrey Hepburn probably could have made carrying around an empty, saggy burlap sack look classy as hell.
  3. True. I guess it's because I see it worn in "un-classy" way so often (and in most cases it's obvious replicas)...
  4. I don't have a Neverfull, as I prefer a zippered bag (thus, my Piano Cabas is the closest to that tote look). And my everyday is the Speedy B 25 in DE. But I especially like the look of the NF in the DA pattern, and where I live, I don't often see the NF in that pattern. So, while I can't speak to the value and quality of the NF, I can weigh in on your second point about LV being ubiquitous and/or too replicated. I feel it is more about how a person comports themselves and feels carrying the real, beautiful deal that lends an air of classiness. I do know how you feel when I see some women with an LV looking, IMHO, pretty trashy. But does that cheapen how I feel about mine? NO.

    I don't think you will regret it.
  5. This.
  6. I have a Neverfull, and IMHO it isn't a classy bag.

    It's my utilitarian work horse, it's my toss on a plane floor, class room floor, stuff full with laptop and textbooks and tote around the city all day bag.

    Yes, part of it depends on who's carrying it but you're more likely to finish off a classy Sunday brunch look with another bag than the Neverfull.
  7. I 2nd all of this! My neverfull is my workhorse/travel bag. I load it up and go. While i do think that maybe the azur is more classy than DE, I do not consider this a classy bag. Louis vuitton does make classy bags but i don't feel as if this is one that comes to mind when i think classy.
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  8. Totes are workhorses and not “classy”. Name one classy tote? Maybe one of the Dior’s.
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    I take good care of my world tour neverful and it makes me feel “classy” whenever I use it to the office, that’s all it matters to me.
    My gf used hers as a nappy diaper bag and it certainly looks like one within a few months, there’s nothing “classy” about that NF
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  10. See, I don’t throw any of my bags on the floor. I purchased my NFs because when I tried them on, I felt a certain way... “classy”? I don’t know, but I inevitably picked them over other zippered bags, leather bags, more expensive bags.

    Sometimes class is what fits you. Keep in mind, you didn’t ask if it was “dressy” or “professional”, which might change a few answers.
  11. It's that particular bag! I can't stand that bag and I've seen replicas and authentics used like the owner could care less. I do understand you , but that bag doesn't cheapen the entire brand for me. Also i think a lot of people buy it for the capacity and functional purpose. But far as " special occasion" bag, if that's what you mean by classy, I personally don't think it qualifies .
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  12. I think maybe instead of classy, you might mean sophisticated? I wouldn’t say it is sophisticated because by its very nature of being a large, mostly unstructured tote, it is casual. But it can still look very nice! If you want to take it into board meetings, i would say something like a Prada tote (the structured ones like the double zip, etc) might be more appropriate.
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  13. @ultravisitor I agree definitely not the bag per say but how it is worn. It is the complete package so to speak. Personally don’t care for the NF but I have seen women who definitely pull it off.
  14. I second THIS. there are princess who carry nylon longchamp le pliage bags and they look classy!
  15. This!! 24/7!!