honest opinion -- gucci bouvier or chanel gst?

  1. Trying to decide between keeping this bag, or returning it to Saks and trying to get a black gst.


    Please try to give objective advice. I know that you're chanel lovers, so I realize that might be hard to do.

    Here are the other bags that I own:

    Chanel Lambskin Medium Classic Flap (Black with Silver Hardware)
    LV Mono Speedy 25
    Prada Calfskin multipocket hobo (Tan)
  2. Definitely black gst!
  3. I am pretty objective because I love Gucci as well, but IMO a chanel always wins, especially such a classic and practical bag as a GST.
  4. Are you sure you can get a hold of a black GST?
    They're very hard to find if not impossible right now :sad:
    That said, I'd choose a Chanel leather bag over a Gucci fabric bag anyday, Chanel bias aside.
  5. The Chanel Gst all the way! I am not a fan of the printed monos. I love Gucci alot as well. If you can get the GST grab it!!!
  6. That's a really tough one, because I love both Gucci AND Chanel and both bags are so classic!! I am *this close* to being swayed by Swanky's argument about leather vs. fabric, but I think I'm going to vote for the Gucci...I might be the only one...LOL! I just love the bouvier style and the webbing! :yes: And I'm not a huge fan of totes in general... :shrugs:

    Good luck with your decision!! Let us know what you decide! :nuts:
  7. I own both Chanel and Gucci bags and I vote GST all the way!
  8. i like to have a purse from each designer... since u already have a chanel flap, i'd go for the gucci this time. i also like gucci but to be honest if i had to really choose between these two i'd pick the GST.
  9. I vote for the GST!
  10. I love the Chanel, but since you already boutht the Gucci and have a Chanel Classic Flap. I think you should go for the Gucci:smile:
  11. GST without a seconds' thought...
  12. Definitely the Black GST - it will never go out of style and there are a lot less fake GST floating around...
  13. Ditto.

    I think it's very hard to compare the two bags. There's almost $1,000 in price difference, plus the looks are very different. I couldn't see carrying the Gucci with a suit... it just looks like a more casual bag to me. Plus, there's no way the Gucci would fit as much as the GST.

    If you are planning on carrying this bag to work, you probably need the GST. It very easily fits files, folders, notebooks, etc.
  14. I think I'm going to keep the gucci?

    I just tried it on with the different things I like to wear, and I just feel like it is so much more suitable to my style right now. Plus, my husband is talking about getting me an LV batignolles horizontal for my birthday in a month, and that would be suitable for work-wear...

    Maybe this bag is uber preppy, and maybe I won't love it forever, but maybe I will. Intlset, i think you sealed the deal when you pointed out that there is almost a $1000 price difference between the two. I am young (early 20's), and I have PLENTY of years ahead to collect chanel.

    sorry, if I have offended anyone. this has really helped me think through this situation though and realize how vulnerable purse forum makes me to change my mind and doubt myself. I have been debating over the gst and when I saw nutmeghz pictures I was like, "ugh... i want it."

    I think this time i need to stick with my first impulse though. Thanks for your comments though, everyone!
  15. You can always change your mind, and search for the black GST in the meantime, that way you can have to great bags.

    Just remember, you can dress down, and look just as good, no injustice at all.