Honest opinion about square silk scarves?

  1. ...and a few more ways, I like to wear my 90cm scarves.
    Hermes-EnDesorde3.jpg Hermes-SoieLibre9.jpg Hermes-Jungle-Love9.jpg
  2. So lovely! I really like the way you've paired your Hermes scarf and Lift!

    I just recently bought a Farandole 80 and I'm trying to figure out how to wear it with a scarf. :thinking:
  3. Thanks for this photo!! As mentioned above, I just bought a Farandole 80 and I've been trying to figure how to wear it with a scarf without looking overdone. You've done it perfectly! :tup:
  4. Thanks, ladysarah! They are really beautiful scarves. It's hard to capture just how nice they are. I used to have several more but I gave a bunch to my SIL when I started becoming more interested in Hermes scarves. After several H scarf purchases I turned my attention back to Talbots scarves because they are so much more affordable, especially when I buy them at the clearance store.

    By the way, I've followed in your footsteps and bought a vintage Kelly! I was thinking about buying a newer one, but I found one in excellent condition at a great price! :love:
  5. I like to join! I do agree being a little bit thinner makes the scarf more appealing. I am on the chubbier side and sometimes when I wear scarf. I do look chubbier.
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    Many thanks, HermesNewbie! And enjoy your new Farandole! Mine is a 120cm, and I love to pair it, and my Lift pendants with scarves. :smile: Love your turquoise/brown paisley scarf! :love: Is it a recent offering...wondering if I could find one.
  7. Thank you! I believe I bought that scarf last fall. Hopefully you can find one on eBay!
  8. Oh, bother...just wanted to be able to pop in and buy one! ;) But thanks so much for letting me know!
  9. Sometimes items pop up again in the clearance stores. If I see one I will let you know! :biggrin:
  10. Thank you, HermesNewbie, so nice of you! :heart:
  11. I haven't had time to read the whole thread here, but I love scarves and often wonder if they are too frumpy. However, I do love my Valentino scarf and think it looks just fine. :smile:
    They can polish off an outfit. Think of this outfit without it. Kind of boring, I'd say. But the scarf steps it up a notch.
    20130805_182123.jpg 20130527_203234.jpg
  12. Great outfit! I love your Valentino scarf! Are your shoes Valentino as well?
  13. Excellent work edm, you look so chic and well put together in all the pics, I have huge admiration for your skills.

    How exactly do you make that incredible 2 scarf top in the first pic :graucho:?
  14. I agree, A scarf is it a bit like a textile magic wand, and this outfit is a good example of what you say, although I don't think 'boring', more 'plain' or a 'neutral'.
  15. I have some scarves besides H too, I especially like your paisley examples HN, cheat away :biggrin: