Honest Handbag Sellers - do we stand a chance?

  1. Hello. I have read all of the bad press about fake eBay handbags and how most of the bags sold are fakes being sold as authentic. I can see how buyers are hesitant of purchasing. I am a seller on eBay. I sell mostly bedding, however I have sold a few Designer Handbags. I have found purchasing designer bags to sell helps curb my need to keep buying them for myself. I am one of the honest ones out there as the few bags I have sold I have hand picked them myself from Saks or Neiman Marcus. I do get my bags at a discount, however can't offer them at the rock-bottom price that I have seen others sell for. An example is the Kooba Paige Handbag. I just can't compete with those with starting bids of $99 or Buy it Nows in the $200's - which they say are authentic. How in the heck are sellers able to sell current season authentic bags for 75% off the regular retail???

    I try in my listings to promote buyer confidence - I have 100% feedback and have vendor and store tags on my bags. I also provide the store receipt, even a copy of my billing statement if they want it. I am however left frustrated because most buyers are still skeptical and non-trusting - one told me that I probably bought my store receipt and billing statement to go with my fake bag. If most Koobas on eBay are fake, then how are the sellers of the real ones suppose to succeed when all of the buyers are leary...Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks....:yahoo:
  2. I actually mention that I'm part of tPF and tFS. (Two tPFers have bought from me, both Balenciaga bags.) I, like you said, write with confidence that the items are authentic. Hopefully, after they ask around, they'll put trust in your auctions.
  3. keeping receipts helps with Ebay, we need to keep this in mind in the future. it sucks that we have to deal with all the hoop-la, who knows how it will all turn out. try your best.
    and start your auction out low, super low, just put a reserve on it. you can sell it if it doesn't meet the reserve, if you want/have to. or not.
    good luck.
  4. and sell 2nd hand. thats a good way to make money, without spending a lot of money. NOt to state the obvious. sorry.
  5. I'm always on a lookout for genuine sellers and judging by the pictures, description and feedback is sufficient for me.