Honest advice on this birkin!

  1. Hi there,
    I am seriously considering this birkin from one of the reputable sellers listed here... I am not worried about authenticity but wondered what you thought of this bag in general--is it a practical bag, what do you think of size and style,...
    Should I???
    thanks so much from a newbie!!

    it is listed as Black Haut A Crourroie 32 cm Vachette Grainee Ardenne with Gold Hardware

  2. It's gorgeous (and she is a great seller!) I love the black with gold hardware!! So classic!!! BUT it all depends on whether YOU like the HAC style! The handles are shorter and it is a deeper bag than a standard birkin. I love that it is a 32cm (the perfect size IMO) and I think this leather is supposed to be really durable. Maybe hermesgroupie or one of the other experts can tell you a bit more about the leather! Good luck with whatever you decide!!!
  3. Hello, Rocker..... just an observation based solely on a comparison picture I have seen of an HAC 32 and a Birkin 30. The HAC is noticeably taller and wider than the 30cm regular Birkin.

    I was surprised at this, thinking as many do, that the size difference between the two bags would not be that noticeable.....but it is... which is a definite plus if you find the 30cm a tad small.

    Also, as you know, the handles are shorter by an inch on the HACs.... 3 inches I think, compared to 4 on the regular Birkin 30 and for some ladies, when they are wearing coat sleeves, makes it hard to get the handle up onto the arm. Other, tho, say it's not an issue.

    A lot of people rav about the HAC....so, as always, it's personal preference.... and what works for the wearer:smile:
  4. I am not of much help as I don't know much about Birkins, BUT, I do like the look of it, lovely.
  5. I think it's a great bag for work, shopping etc.

    I think a few members of the forum have 32cm HAC and rave about its versatility.
  6. You are all so helpful!! I guess my only concern is whether the handles will slip over my arms with a coat on...I do have freakishly skinny arms so maybe it will! :smile: Looking forward to others comments...
    Anyone out there with skinny little arms that can tell me about the wearing it on the forearm with a coat situation?
  7. Well, I've never seen or held a HAC IRL, but it's a beauty of a bag and I can imagine that the 32 cm is the perfect size. Lovely bag at a reasonable price! Me like-y.
  8. I have never owned a HAC so I can't really tell you anything about the style.

    What is true is that if I have never owned one this profably means I like the birkin better, and I think it's a matter of proportions. But that's just me, and it seems obvious that this is a great bag, I really mean it, seriously.

    For what's regarding the leather I already told you in your other thread what I think and what I have personally experienced, if you have any specific question just ask.
  9. Oh, I am getting very excited here! I've asked for more pix and info on the condition so I hope I hear soon!
  10. She's an AWESOME seller! I got my Sapphire Birkin from her. I think that is a great size and I don't think you'll have a problem with it fitting over your coat. That leather is AWESOME.
  11. I am no help as I've never seen/held a HAC IRL either but looks wise the bag is a killer! Very chic! Go for it!!!:yes:
  12. Oh very exciting ...you really are going for hermes in a big way...:yes: and who here can blame you...
  13. It all depends if you like the HAC. It is a gorgeous bag, the only thing is that in winter, it's difficult to put the handles on the crook of your arm if you have thick coats. So, it's really a hand-carried bag.
  14. S, I think this HAC would look awesome on you! Great seller, great price, great bag. Hmmm, sounds like a winner!! :yahoo:
  15. The seller just put up pix of the corners...do you think that they are at a minimal enough stage such that Hermes could retore good as new? thanks again, all, for your advice. Big purchase for me so I really appreciate the input! xxxooo