Honest advice needed

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  1. Hey Ladies,

    I just bought the coffer in sughero (glazed hardware). I have the satchel in sabbia. (pictures below).

    Now, as some of you know I was thinking before of getting another satchel in quarzo. (But I have another satchel in talco (soft leather) and a black bow).

    Then I decided on NOT getting a nother satchel in quarzo or so.. as having 3 satchels in 3 different light shades of white and beige would be stupid. (thank you to all members here who helped me).

    Now, I bought this coffer very fast as I loved it but I somehow I have the feeling that its very similiar to the my satchel in sabbia.

    The other thing I could do is buy tomorrow the vitello lux shopper (small) in quarzo then I would have all the colors I always wanted.

    OR I buy the leather coffer in ivario on net a porter (I normally prefer the leather versions over the glazed leather).


    What should I do?? I still can return it. I told the lady I would see about the colors. I know on the pictures the coffer does look darker, but in real life they are very similiar in color. If I get the small matellesse coffer: then I have a light beige bag, what I always wanted.

    The ivario coffer on net a porter is very nice, but I think its very white and I have a satchel bag in talco, and I hardly use it.

    The shop were I bought the coffer today also has the coffer in quarzo.. whats pale beige. Avario is more off white I would say?


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  2. hellllp! :smile:
  3. I can tell you that the coffer in Ivario is an EXTREMELY hard color to maintain. It is super prone to dye transfer from any dark clothing that it rubs against and is impossible to remove (at least from my experience). This is exactly why I sold mine. I thought it was one of the most beautiful colors the coffers came out in, but when the color transfer is on it, it just looks AWFUL. JMHO.
  4. you sure love your beige & tan colour bags... :lol:
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