Honda Civic or Accord?

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  1. the only forum i browse is TPF, so please pardon me if this is not the appropriate thread.

    my friend is ready to graduate, and struggling to decide which car she should purchase for transporting between the workplace and her house. She is getting either 2007 Honda Civic LX Auto or Accord LX auto, I don't know anything about cars, so I posted it here and hope you could help her out !!

    Thank you!:smile:
  2. I kinda like the looks of the civic more..but I'm basing it purely on how it looks though!
  3. I've got a Honda Accord LX, it's been reasonably reliable and is comfortable. I would honestly advise your friend to consider the Toyota Corolla and Camry too, though, because they are essentially the same cars and much cheaper to repair. My dad has a Camry that is very nice that is much cheaper to maintain than my Accord.
  4. i have an accord special edition that i love, but it's a 1998. lol. i'm too cheap to buy anything new until i graduate.

    but i think the civic gets better gas mileage, no? i would go with that!
  5. her primarily concern is safety of the car in case of accidents like front and rear collisions, gas mileage is not a problem for her since she lives in a city. thank you!
  6. really ?? she told me she wanted the Honda because it's cheaper to buy a Honda than a Toyota. I feel so stupid that I don't know anything about cars :confused1:
  7. i recently got my 07 civic (it's ex though) and i totally love it! it looks small but very roomy inside. and i love how it looks too! :biggrin:
  8. civic. i always had accords but they were older. my fave car ever. now the new civics are the same size as the old accords (and the new accord is bigger). you can't go wrong with either but i personally like the size of the civic.
  9. i had a civic in college, it was the best car ever..but that was 1991

    since then, i have had accords, and acuras...i like the accord for being roomier..and more "grown up"

    but you cant beat a civic for gas mileage and reliability. if your aren't driving a lot of people around, it is the perfect car
  10. I have had my Civic (si hatchback) for almost five years and it is a really great, practical car with very low maintenance costs.
  11. I have a Civic and LOVE it!!
  12. I just bought the Civic LX 2door manual and love it! If you go, you'll see that it has 5stars/5stars for safety.

    I think it gets 32mpg/38mpg hwy.

    We got it coz of gas and the safety for our 13 yr old (will be his when he turns 16).

    Very cute car!
  13. The Civic! I personally like the look of it better than the Accord. I was going to get one myself but CC's got in the way. It's quite roomy, comfy, good gas mileage, and as far as I've read they're very safe.
  14. Accord.
  15. I have a Civic Hybrid and I love it. The Civics now comes with the GPS navigation system. I guess in my generation, Civics were for the young college and Accords were for the bit older ones. But now they are making the Civics into the new Accords, even with the size fo the car. Now they have Honda Fit as the ecomony size car.
    Personally, the I am short, so Civic suits me better. Accord is obviously more spacious. It really all depends on what you want in a car, I guess.