1. My Husband wears, Amazing by Bill Blass, Amourage Ciel Pour Homme or Allure Homme by Chanel ( I bought him this one, it smells fantastic. )

    What cologne do you like to smell on a man. ? :love:
  2. Ferigammo is nice, also like Kouros.
  3. Egoiste Platinum by Chanel for now, Dolce and Gabbana is divine too though!
  4. Yes, I like the smell of Kouros too.:biggrin:
  5. Acqua Di Gio by Georgio Armani and Cool Water by Davidoff

    :huh::huh:h i like Platinum also.
  6. My husband wears Tiffany & Company's cologne:love:
  7. My BF wears Acqua di Gio
  8. Joop! That stuff is like cat nip for me when dh wears it.
  9. :shame:
  10. I love a man who smells good... one of my favorite things. Whatever it is I am happy if it smells like 'man' :yes:
  11. aqua di gio by georgio armani or obsession men. my daddy wears both :smile:.

    my ex wore curve, it never really did anything for me...
  12. Nothing but his natural fragrance!
  13. Ima guy! I have Armani black code, Dolce & Gabbana ( no specific name), Versace Dreamer, and, in a moment of pure stupidity, I bought Gucci Envy, which I now HATE.
    But I agree with Swanky: Chanel Plat Egoiste smells great; it's next on my list!
  14. My hubby wears Acqua Di Gio and I love it!! :love:
  15. Same here. My BF :heart: Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani. It smells so good :biggrin: