Homework Help, PLEASE HELP ME!

  1. I know there a lot of smart people on this forum so Im hoping I can get some starter ideas. I have to write a one page paper on Platos, The Allegory of the Cave. (If you have read it, I could really use your help!!) It has to be a one page single space paper responding to these two questions:

    How does the allegory of the prisoners in the cave watching shadows on the wall relate to us today?


    What shadows do we see; and how do they distort our sense of what is real?

    I was thinking that the allegory of the prisoners in the cave relates to us today in the War on Terrorism. Does this sound like a decent thesis? Does anyone agree?
    (This is by no means finalized, its just a starter thought. )

    Im just super confused... not sure if Im going in the right direction... help? :sad:
  2. **Disclaimer: I have not studied philosophy or writing and I'm not involved in those fields, so take anything I say with a grain of salt**

    From my very faint memories of the Allegory of the Cave, the prisoners watched the shadows and did not know what was going on outside, and they made up their version of the outside world from the shadows that they saw.

    If I'm remembering rightly, I'm not sure how you are going to relate it to the war on terrorism...are you going to argue that we only see what other people want us to see, or that our vision is seriously limited, therefore we don't really know what is happening?
  3. I don't think the war thing works. You can talk about perhaps our "democratic" proceedings in general. In that some ppl are presented shadows and echoes when ppl speak but as they head out and research them, you realize what's real and not and enlighten others.

    To me, I think it has to be some compelling issue-- something so profound that not knowing about it presents you as much danger as knowing about it presents power. Now that I think about it-- our whole democracy is a shadow in that the everyday person cannot hold office etc (sorry I've been watching CNN) but we have a no politics rule here so that's all I'll say.
  4. or the American Dream
  5. The america dream would be a good one. as well as the idea that people think things are great from a far but in reality it is not so. Fame could be a good topic like the whole celeb thing (spears, etc.) bc normal people think it is a great lifestyle to have and aspire to be like celebs but in reality it is not so great after all. I wrote a paper on fame like that but it had nothing to do with The Allegory of the Cave but it was about distortion, etc.
  6. merika: Yes, what you remember is correct... thats the basics of it. Im not a philosophy major either thats why im in the dark with this paper. there isnt suppose to be a "right or wrong" answer... but I dont want to get a bad grade either.

    Basically I believe the War on Terrorism is a pursuit of truth and the US definition of truth is Democracy (i also believe the pursuit of truth is a huge theme in the allegory of the cave). Like in the Allegory of the Cave the only reality the prisoners knew was the cave and watching the shadows. A world outside of their cave was not real in their minds. They never questioned why they were shackled and what caused the shadows, like the general American public that initially supported the War on Terrorism and the War in Iraq with no questions asked. Not until the "real" truth, when a prisoner leaves the cave and sees the real world and learns that the truth of the cave isnt a truth at all but an ignorant existance, like the American public who now barely support the War in Iraq and desperately want change or to see some progress in the War on Terrorism. The US govt claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destructions but half a decade into this war they still havent found any. the war on terrorism is just a false sense of security for the US.... what have they accomplished? this is the ignorant existance that i relate to the allegory of the cave. (does that make any sense?)

    Its like the Vietnam war, the American public didnt know what was really going on because the govt was feeding them BS until press footage showed the truth of the Vietnam war... the US was stunned and appalled.

    I think the media also plays a huge role in this, media groups are biased and we do only see what the want us to see. everything is edited. Like in the allegory of the cave, but shadows they see arent real things, theyre puppets being controlled by someone.

    No offense to anyone who supports the war on terrorism or the war in iraq. i know that the US invasion will (in the long run) make the lives of the Iraqi people better... but I cant find it in myself to support a war with no end. I have an older brother in the Army , I have a lot of friends serving overseas and one of my closes friends died in Iraq, I dont support it.

    I support the troops, not the war they are fighting.

    i like the idea of the american dream but I have to use support and evidence, cite them etc... I cant really think of things I could cite if I used the American dream as a thesis.

    I agree on the idea of democracy! its a point that i make with the war on terrorism...

    thanks for the input! i love this forum, most of my friends are like.. whats an allegory? haha ;]
  7. The American dream is essentially that if u work hard you can have whatever you want and you can be whatever you want to be. You can talk about a faulty education system, the numbers of ppl not being paid a living wage, the fact that you can't simply just want to be something and work hard for it, the differences in classes, lots of things. There are many many many websites and documentaries on the topic.

    ETA: I like the fame idea. You can site the Curbing Consumerism thread on this site. You can speak to materialism as a whole in that ppl nvy things that celebrities have not knowing that they didn't pay for (a good lot of them) and drive themselves into debt. You can say ppl think they want to be famous but when they get famous they just want to be normal (although those things would be harder to find proof of since ull have to wade thru gossip)!
  8. I totally like the idea of consumerism! thanks ;]
  9. oohhh man. there are so many times when i miss college... then i read your thread and remembered why it wasnt always as good as it seemed. good luck on your paper. i hatedddd writing papers but it does always feel good to have the finished product and be like- wow, i did that. get it done girl!