Homesick..sort of..

  1. Hi girls..wasnt sure where to post this..but I just needed a lil comfort here..I recently moved into my first house with my new hubby..and I have never lived away from home before, not even for college. So I've been feeling really homesick and a lil depressed, even though my parents live literally 5 min away..did anyone feel like this when they moved away from home for the first time?? I mean, I love living on my own and being married and having my own place, privacy, etc...But my house doesnt feel "homey" yet and its soo quiet!! I just got back from my parents for dinner, and I spent the past hour crying because sometimes I hate leaving their house and I wish I could just go upstairs and stay in my bedroom like always..anyways, just wanted to know if you guys had gone through this and how I can deal..and how long its gonna take before I "get over it"...thanks x0x0
  2. I know how you feel. When I was 28, I moved across the country by myself. I too lived with my parents until the day I left. I knew almost no one in California and after I got settled into my place on my first day I just looked out my window and cried. I thought to myself, "What have I done?"

    It probably doesn't seem like it now, but it WILL get easier. And it will get better. I'd suggest that you do things in your new home that make you feel comfortable. Are there some things that you can take from your parents' home temporarily to give you a sense of security?

    I would also suggest that you keep yourself busy. Do you work? Are there any other activities or hobbies that you can do? How about decorating your new home? The more you make it yours, the better you will be.

    Give it time, pretty soon your home will be more comfortable than your parents' home.
  3. I loved my parents dearly but could not wait to get out of the house! I was always very independent though. I wanted my own place like Mary Tyler Moore when I was was 9 years old! My advice would be to make your home as comfy as possible. Decorate it and fill it with things that give you comfort and make you smile. Make it your own little oasis that you will love coming home to. Like you said, your folks are only 5 minutes away. You'll get used to it. Change is always a little scary but I promise you, you will settle in soon enough.
  4. Everyone is different, so it's hard to say "how long" it will take for your house to start feeling like a home. There are some great suggestions already posted, remember that it's totally normal to feel how you're feeling - change is hard, especially when it involves something as close to your core as this. I personally relished having my own place and chose to live places far from home so I could experience things in my own way without my parents' influence, but now I live about 30 min from where I grew up and it's the ideal distance for me (literally and figuratively).

    In a way it's kind of like going through a breakup - when you're going through it it's heartbreaking and scary and sad, and you wonder if you're ever going to feel normal again, but then one day you realize you haven't thought about him in a while and you realize that's progress. I think the same will happen to you, in this situation, in due time and you'll be able to look back on it and realize how much you've grown!
  5. Wow, hun, you sound just like me. I feel the exact same way, only I don't live 5 mins. away, I live 3 hrs. away. I know exactly what you are going through. I have the exact same story....I've never been on my own, went to a community college, etc....I have been wanting to post a thread like this too. I'm sorry you feel this way. That's why I love to come here, caz all of tPF members are always so sweet. It's weird, because I too love doing things my own way, the privacy and most of all my wonderful hubby......but it just seems like something is missing every once in awhile. My family and I are really close, and I miss them everyday. I miss the small comforts of "home." You know, stuff like your mom being there after work/classes, asking you how your day was, your sisters fighting... but being cool w/ each other five seconds later, your dad yelling at you because your car has no gas in it.....*sigh* Ya just miss it, even though when you are there, you WANT TO GET OUT. Then you want to go back....:shrugs:

    Hang in there, hun. (((hugs))) to you, and hope you feel better:flowers:
  6. Hugs to you angie1024 and to LAltiero85!! I think your feeling is natural because you're adjusting to change. I can't offer much advice. I live in a town which is over 3000 miles from any of my family and I feel acutely homesick at times, but I have many photos around and have made my living space as beautiful as possible. If you surround your house with pieces/furniture/photos that make you (and your DH) feel great, then soon you will feel very at home there.

    Sorry I'm not so much help, but I hope the feelings subside soon. :smile:
  7. I have been feeling the EXACT same way, just from different circumstances.

    I just moved away from my hometown recently and I'm finding it harder than I thought. I'm 26, moved out of my parents house when I was 24 and I'm still not used to it.

    There is a scene in Garden State that sums up this whole conversation...

    I'm sorry you are feeling a little homesick, it will pass as time goes on. Take advantage of being so close to your parents, that is something I wish I had above all. :smile:
  8. Thank you all so much for the advice and *hugs* makes me feel alot better knowing that there are other people going through this and that eventually it will get better. I do have my French bulldog to keep me company when the hubby isnt around..and I try to stop by my parents house every other day for a couple minutes at least to get my parental "fix" haha. And LAltiero85, that's EXACTLY what I miss..having my mom ask me what I want for dinner, or my brother and his girlfriend hangin out and watching movies..and my dad telling his stories at dinner, this has truly made me appreciate them all so much more. Again, thank you all so so much, it really means alot to me and I'm glad I have this forum to reach out to others when I need it..u are all the BESTEST!!! :heart:
  9. You are going to be just fine. I just moved in with my bf and even though I have lived away from home for college and everything, I still get a little sad for my parents as well. Sometimes it helps to cuddle with my BF a little more or doing something that makes me feel better. I only live about 15 min from them, but this is a whole new experience and you are now starting your own family. I think it is natural to be a little homesick. As you can see you are NOT alone and don't ever be scared to come here for some support!!

    you are going to do just fine!!
  10. and the girls on here are the best!!