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  1. today was my last day of public school. my homeschool curriculum should be here in approximately two weeks and im just too excited :yahoo:

    anyone else homeschool ?
  2. Yup! Have been since the 2nd grade. I start my final year in two weeks! :smile:
  3. I was homeschooled from 10th grade to graduation. I hated it. Good luck! lol.
  4. your experience will probably be different since you're starting older, but i've yet to meet anyone that was home schooled that had an easy time adjusting to college. i go to a giant state university, though, so maybe it's easier at small schools. either way, best of luck.
  5. May I ask what your reasons for switching were?

    My initial reaction was to disagree, but I don't really know much about people's personal reasons for opting out of public/private schools. I'd love to know more ...
  6. well legaldiva my mother and i just got really tired of the school system and how all the teachers want us to respect them but they have no respect for us. it was just really hurting me having these teachers that dont even know me yell at me for no reason. and i think the main deciding factor for my mom was when she and i went to register me the second day of school (i didnt go the first day because i attended a funeral and i didnt register when i was suppose to because i was out of town) and when we went to go through these doors that enter into the learning area this teacher was REALLY rude and said "YOU CANT GO DOWN HERE TIL 8" now this just befuddled my mom because why would a teacher be so rude to a studen with their mother standing right there.

    now for me there are more reasons like im tired of going to school to actually get an education and i have to listen to students cursing and talking about sex, drugs and alcohol it really was just an enviroment im tired of being in.

    plus i hate uniforms !
  7. thats pretty much what im doing except its just my junior and senior year

    how come you started in 10th grade. apperantly since you hated it it wasnt your choice ?
  8. I guess it depends. In my university, one of the smartest girls there was homeschooled. When I talked to her, I was surprised to find that out. My school is fairly big and competetive, too.
  9. I must admit, I hear 'homeschooled' and I immediately think of the Duggar family.

    And I know not all kids who are homeschooled are like the Duggar family. The Duggars choose to homeschool their kids for religous reasons, but there are factors in the decision to not send children to public or private school.

    I'm fascinated to hear why parents choose to homeschool their kids.

    I'm glad I went to public school, only because I don't think I could stand being under the same roof with my mother for that long!
  10. My dad decided to homeschool me and my brother when we were in elementary school. I was in the 1st grade, while my brother was in 5th. My dad was tired of the teachers, kids, and 3 hours of homework every night. So we started homeschooling, not knowing if we could even attend a university in the future. In my brother's senior year, he applied and got into a private university, where he's currently a senior. Since then, he's fit in pretty well. He's gotten straight A's and even made the Dean's List. He's not a genius and he never did homework in high school; his nights consisted of nothing but Xbox!! Basically, homeschooling taught us to stay concentrated with our studies. It's not for everyone, especially those who want a real social life. But if you just want an education, homeschooling is a great choice. :smile:
  11. I started the middle of 10th grade. One reason was because I used to get horrible migraines that paralyzed me, so for that reason I used to miss a lot of school. But, the thing that pushed it is when I was at Softball practice and I threw out my back. I ended up missing a whole month of school. Even though My Mom was picking up my work and turning it in every week, they were giving me bad grades for "attendance". I guess pretty much the same reason you are being homeschooled, my Mom just got sick of the BS they were feeding her. Its a little ridiculous that I was getting C's on my report card for A and B work because of attendance. One of the excuses the teachers gave my mom was "how can she learn when shes not in school?" Well, if I have my book and Im getting A's and B's I was obviously learning something!:cursing:

    Sorry, they still kind of P me off lol.
  12. I've only came to know of homeschooling after I started living in the US. My son's best friend is homeschooled. His mom keeps her kids in a very sheltered environment. She let the oldest go to HS after some years of home school, whereupon he immediately found himself a girlfriend, had endless rows with him mom after she told him to stop the relationship and moved out of the house. Needless to say the mom didn't let any of her other kids go to high school after that!

    I think it the end result (as with anything) depends on what kinds of attitudes the parents have, how open minded they are with regards to other activities and their kids relationships with other people etcetera. Homeschooling kids just to protect them from the big wide world doesn't work in the long term.

    I think the discipline in schools here is quite a bit more relaxed that what I underwent. In my school if you didn't behave you'd be whacked across the palm with the straight edge of a ruler...nobody believed in sparing the rod and spoiling the child, I guess!
  13. Here is from a parents point of view. I homeschooled our oldest when she was in first grade. The teacher came to me and said that basically our daughter was too smart to be in school and she couldn't challenge her. Ok, is school only for "dumb" kids? We had her tested and found out that she was well above a 3-4th grade level (mind you she was in 1st grade). The solution from the Principle was to give her a harder reading, NO! So, I took her out of school, homeschooled her as a 2nd grader and she went back to school as a 3rd grader the following year. I definitely think there are pros and cons to each side. I think kids need the interaction with other kids, but the things that they are learning in public schools are kind of a joke. Teachers only teach to the "standards" and heaven help you if you have kids that need to be challenged. I would do it again in a heart beat, all my kids have to do is say the word! =)

    Oh, also now a days homeschooling is getting more and more popular and there are TONS of activities for them to be involved in. So the interaction isn't as much of a concern.

    Again, JMO! ;)
  14. i never said that the homeschooled students i know weren't smart - they usually are very smart. adjusting well at college takes a lot more than being smart, though. classes weren't a problem for them, it was everything else. they had gone from an environment where socializing wasn't a big part of their day to a party school (although we're very strong academically as well), where socializing is more or less constant. i went to a large public high school and socialized a lot there, and it took some getting used to for me, so i can't even imagine what it would be like for someone homeschooled.

    and i really wish everyone could have the public school experience that i had. my teachers were wonderful, i always felt challenged because my schools had lots and lots of special classes and programs for gifted kids, and i entered college better prepared than 95% of the kids here, whether they were public, private, or home schooled. it's too bad that public schools can't be consistently like that.
  15. Lucky you. I wish I was home schooled, our school system is terrible.