Homemade Pasta?

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  1. Hi, all!

    I was in Williams-Sonoma today and I saw that they have a new attachment for the kitchenaid mixer called the "Pasta Press"... it's not the same as the pasta roller, which makes fetticuni, linguini, and lasagna sheets. This one makes short cut pastas like Rigatoni and fusili. I want to try it, but at $180 just for the attachment (I do love my kitchenaid mixer!) I wondered if anyone on here has tried it before?

    If not, are there others who make fresh, homemade pasta? I want to try making it, and if you have either any easy recipes OR any "gadgets" that really help in the process, I'm open to ideas. Here is the link to the one I was looking at:


    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
  2. How often do you think you'll make fresh pasta? I eat pasta pretty frequently and so does my family. I have bought fresh pasta before on Arthur avenue and usually freeze it in ziplock bags.
    I have wanted a ravioli maker for a really long time and got one for Christmas!!! There is the press and then there's the machine that rolls out flat, very flat, dough. I have heard that you can buy won ton wrappers and make your own ravioli by wetting the edges, filling, and sticking both sides together. I've tried it (I think this restaurant used that technique) but it wasn't the same.
    I LOVE ravioli and also buy fresh ravioli and freeze. I love pumpkin or buttersquash ravioli any many others and enjoy making new sauces to top.
    I have had my machine since Christmas and have not used it yet but it sits on my counter and I hope to be able to use it soon.
    I have a weird thing where sometimes I like homemade pasta and sometimes I don't. My preferred variety is Dececco or something higher quality which is my favorite for dry...for fresh I like penne or a rigatoni but not sure I would like fusilli fresh since it is softer.
  3. That attachment looks fab.
    I have a stainless steel pasta roller that attaches to my kitchen bench, though I'll sometimes use just the rolling pin - it depends on what I feel like doing. I tend to make tortellini and raviloi the most.
    To make the pasta dough, I always use what we call here 'continental flour' - it's a high quality wheat flour which is perfect for pasta making. I also always use organic free range eggs at room temperature. I use a basic recipe of three eggs to every 2 cups of flour and add a pinch or two of salt. You can add a little olive oil too if you want, I usually do.
  4. I'm a pasta-holic, but I've never been convinced that I would make enough pasta to justify the expense of a special device. I make these Puffy Noodles. They taste *fantastic* when you put them in chicken soup.

    Puffy Noodles

    Mix 1 beaten egg with 1 Tablespoon milk. Stir together 3/4 Cup flour, 1 Teaspoon baking soda, dash of salt. Stir into milk mixture to make a stiff dough. Roll into a 12 x 12" square on lightly floured board. Roll up. Slice into 1/4" strips. Unroll. Cut to desired lengths. Cook 12 -12 minutes.
  5. DH has the attachment that was out last year. He got it for Christmas last year, b/c it's something we wouldn't buy for ourselves :shame: but, we have every. single. kitchen. device. (literally).

    Making fresh pasta is divine... and when you get used to it, it's really hard to eat any other kind! It makes a huge mess, but it's quick and easy - cooking time is like 6 minutes, and the taste is just perfect. I'd recommend the attachment!
  6. my mom makes it regularly - love it - I used to make it with my grandmother when she was alive - good memories
  7. I've used that kitchen aid attachment, except it wouldn't handle all types of dough. The motor on the kitchen aid would heat up the dough too much, so the dough would end up sticking to the inside and not coming out right.

    Then again, I'm making all sorts of different types of pasta with different doughs. If you're just going to stick to a standard egg dough recipe, you should be okay. Just make sure that the dough is on the dry side or else you'll suffer from super limp pasta like I did!

    You're other option would be to get a manual pasta maker. At $180, you can get a pretty decent maker. Good luck!
  8. why not try an inexpensive tabletop pasta maker and see how much you use it before you invest in the one that attaches to the mixer?
  9. Yay! I got this for my birthday! I will use it soon and include a full and detailed review when I do use it. Looking forward to it!
  10. I love to make my own pasta!

    I use this recipe to make my orecchiette: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Fresh-Semolina-Orecchiette-10610

    And this is how I roll out each piece:

    Here's the finished product:



    They plump up when you cook them and are very tender with a slight chewiness. DH said, "I never thought I'd say this, but this is the best thing you've ever made!" And I've made TONS of food. :nuts:

    Sometimes the basics are the things that make people the happiest! You have to give homemade pasta a try. It takes time but it's worth it!!
  11. I'd buy one of those "pasta press" things if I didn't have one of the best fresh pasta makers just 2 blocks away from my house. We are buying her pasta since 1985, she is as good as the old ladies in Genova and she will put up with my crazy recipes when I want pasta without animal products in the mix (like eggs and milk).

    Only thing I do myself is gnocchi because I want them super duper fresh.

    If you are particular like me with your pasta and you are able to find good quality organic durum hard wheat semolina, go for it, the press is totally worth it. I make pasta almost every day so I'm for it.
  12. i owuld love ot but just too muhc work...call me LAZY
  13. thanks mia bella...i think i wanna try that this weekend! looks awesome
  14. *bump* about 10 weekends later i finally got enough spare time to make the pasta this weekend. i was totally not capable of making them like in the video, but i just did them by hand, and omg they were delish! im totally making it again

  15. agree here.. just pick up fresh pasta and freeze or use that day..

    there are so many delicious varities why not?? :biggrin: