~Homemade LV Bag Charm *PICS*~


~Totes & Pockets~
Oct 5, 2011
It's 2am here and I was restless.....

I have always wanted a simple bag charm but could not justify the price to myself even though I think they are stunning. I have always loved designing my own jewelry so, I decided to try to create my own bag charm.

I have a cles and I hardly ever use the clip ~ off it came (which was suprisingly easy as LV does not soder the loop ring). Then I disassembled a vintage gold colour necklace as it was the same colour as the LV clip. Now what to put on the end.....
I wanted to keep it LV and I remembered I have the locks to my speedy's which I never use (I don't want to stretch the leather tab).

So, this is how it turned out. Sophisticated and simple!

Thanks for letting me share :cutesy:


Jan 22, 2011
Katy Tx
Love it ! I wonder how many people would've thought it was store bought if you didn't say you made it ?!?
Enjoy it ?