"Homemade" Hermes Wallpapers. Part~2

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  1. Since my previous "homemade" Hermes wallpapers had such a good responses from you tdfers.I decided to design couple more Hermes wallpapers exclusively just for you guys.Feel free to steal them and enjoy:yes: .Hope you like them.

    And if you've missed out the previous thread,here it is



  2. They are mad! they look so profesh that they can be adverts!
  3. ducan_, very nice! :smile:
  4. Duncan, they are really nice. Good luck with design school, you can capture the "brand" nicely.
  5. niceeeeeeeeeeee!
  6. These are gorgeous, duncan!
  7. TDF duncan_!!!! You should work for them!!!
  8. Love them - minimal and elegant, just like the brand.
  9. :tup::tup: Very nice. Thank you.
    Have a Happy New Year. :heart::heart:
  10. Just saved them! Love them! Thank you Duncan!!:upsidedown:
  11. They are great. Thanks!!
  12. Fantastic! And you are an absolute doll to share with all of us. :smile:
  13. awesome!! i'm especially digging these since I just bought an H belt yesterday!
  14. Thank you Duncan_ for these wonderful wallpapers. You have an artistic eye. Any chance you could do some shots of really coveted croc H bags in fun colors? It'd be so cool to turn on my computer and see some dream bags! I'm sure other tpf members would feel the same.

  15. Every wallpapers that I made was photographed by myself using my own Hermes products.I sure wish to make some wallpapers feature birkins,kellys..etc but I am not fortunately enough to own any of Hermes bags yet:s...so....

    I don't use images from internet 'cause the result usually turns out crap.