Homemade headboard for a little girl?

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  1. Hey guys

    I'm in the process of decorating my 2 year old's bedroom. I have the bedspread picked out and I'm about to paint the room.

    I'm wondering if anyone has made a headboard for a twin sized bed... possibly out of a piece of picket fence from Home Depot/Lowes? I'm really thinking it would look great, because her room is going to be sort of young shabby/chic/..

    I already have the bed frame/bed and would love to hear ideas, if you have any, TIA!
  2. Oh, the picket fence sounds cute!
  3. I think that your idea sounds great! You can also upholster a headboard in fabric by getting a piece of plywood cut, some foam, and staple gunning the fabric around the plywood and foam. I haven't done this before, but my mom has and it turned out great:smile:
  4. So cute.Sounds great. Ensure that the piece of fence isnt pre treated with something harmful to young children.
  5. No I think I'll get a plastic one (whatever that material is), rather than wood.