homemade dust bag?

  1. okay, so i'm way bummed my keepall doesn't come with a dust bag, but i haven't given up yet. when i take my luggage tag to get stamped i'm gonna try my hardest to get my hands on something big enough.

    BUT, if it is still not possible, i'm gonna ask my grandmama if she will sew a cute dustbag type thingy for me. i'm gonna go to the fabric store and get something cotton, but should i just go for something plain or with cute little designs? afterall, if i get colored fabric i don't want any dye to transfer onto my keepall! so should it be fun and something cute, or plain and not take any chances?
  2. I'd go with plain and not take any chances... :sweatdrop:
  3. I would just get something plain.
  4. Yea, I would go with something plain as well
  5. haha ok, thanks, decision made :biggrin:
  6. Like the above have said - Something Plain. :yes:
  7. You can always pick up a laundry bag at any Target store that has a drawstring. What size keepall did you get? When I bought the 50, my SA put it in a dustbag that was large enough to fit it when it was flat. Even the 55 would've been able to fit in the dustbag that she gave me.
  8. I've had the same issues, and I'm thinking of just taking a duvet case or something on my keepall, but getting somebody to sew a plain one also seems like a good idea..
  9. You know what would be cute and functional? On Victoria's Secret website they have the laundry bags...I have a huge white one with a pink dog on the outside (so no color transfer)...drawstrings already attached...and they're inexpensive;) .