Homemade crepes!!! Yum!

  1. I have been meaning to write about this, but keep forgetting....

    I love crepes and for awhile I have been wanting a crepe maker (I had tried just the swirl method with a regular pan, but could never get them thin enough or actually round). Because the are a bit expensive, I had held off...afraid it would be too hard and no one would like them but me and all too soon relegated to the dreaded 'small appliance grave yard', that happens to be conviently located in my kitchen.

    This Christmas, I happen to see one on sale and at loss for what I wanted, I decided to take a chance.

    I love it!! It only took a couple of practices to get the hang of it and everyone loves them! The boys and their friends often request them for snacks.

    Anywho, here is a pic and the batter reciepe :smile:


    1 cup flour
    1 cup milk
    2 eggs
    2 TBS melted butter
    pinch of salt

    a quick whirl in the blender and cook.

    Viola, just like you are on a street corner in Paris!:tup:
  2. I love crepes!
  3. Me too! hmmm... I feel inspired now..
  4. They look soooo yummy, Tink! Can I come live with you and play with your Barbies and eat crepes? :girlsigh: :love: :flowers:

    ps- Thanks for the recipe!! I'm going to make these later, because I have some blackberries I need to use :idea:
  5. Thanks for the recipe, I love making crepes too and I was given the crepe maker thingy on my 15th birthday I think.
  6. yum! i love crepes~
  7. It looks delicious. I love crepes. I just had a fruit one for brunch last Sunday. I wish I could make them at home. They're pretty expensive at restaurants. How much was the crepe maker?
  8. ^ You can just use a frying pan and a spatula. I don't have a crepe maker so that's what I do :shrugs:
  9. loooove crepes! haven't made them at home in a while, but now i have a craving for them!! nutella and bananas yuuummm
  10. Looks delicious! I love crepes!
  11. i love crepes with fresh fruit or nutella :smile:
  12. My kids love homemade crepes that I fill with ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, spices and cooked with sauce. Way better than the frozen stuff at the grocery store. Sad but they don't like crepes with fruit for breakfast. I got a crepe pan for Christmas and I do agree it take awhile to get the hang of it.
  13. Oh my gosh. I love crepes. Where you live? I'm coming over.:drool:
  14. mmm crepe with nutella, is my absolute faaav. I went to this place that do amazing ones today, because i was having a major craving. Will try your recipe.
  15. Yummy! I think I know what I'll have for my dinner.