Homeland Season 2

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  1. Anyone else looking forward to the new season? Now that the show has won all the Emmy awards they have a lot to live up to.

    I hope that Carrie is able to remember the Isa reference from before she had her ECT.
  2. I can't wait!!!!!!!!
  3. Can't wait, these days I'm just waiting for Dexter's hour to hurry up and so I can see this.:lol:
  4. Homeland, Dexter & The Good Wife all start tonight. :woohoo:
  5. I'm all ready for Amazing Race, Dexter, and Homeland!! I was reading a review in the paper today and it sounds like she is back working for the CIA on a consultant/freelance basis and that Brody is running for VP? Craziness!!!
  6. There's a 20 minute preview of tonight's premiere, and I watched it last week. I was kicking myself after that because I wanted to see the entire episode, and the preview ended at such a good point! I can't wait to see the whole episode.
  7. Glad to see Carrie back in action!
  8. Carrie's little smile said it all "I'm baaaaaack!"
  9. Love this show!!! It was great to see Carrie back in action! Claire Danes is such a good actress!!
  10. Re-watching Sunday's episode. I could not help but wonder why Saul does not wear traditional Muslim attire. If he is trying to not stand out, he would certainly blend in more if he did.
  11. That occurred to me as well, unless he wants to stand out for a reason. Maybe he isn't 100% a good guy?
  12. Did they change the actress who plays Jessica Brody?
  13. The wife? No, she is the same actress.
  14. It's the same actress, she just has a different hairstyle.
  15. I really hate what they have done with her. The wife is moving faster than anyone in show. I understand they have to do something with her, but her demeanor was so different my husband, and I didn't recognize her.