Homebrew ingrown toenails solutions?

  1. I have terrible ingrown toenails that I want solved now because it's gonna be summer soon :sad:

    Does anyone have any home solutions to that? I need to get to the side of the nail and lift it out...

  2. Cut a v shape in the centre of your nail - about 1-2mm deep (or deeper if your nails are longer). This forces the ends of your toenails up and they are able to heal.
  3. I used to have the same problem due to standing up a lot in my previous job. Some people recommended cutting a v shape in the middle of the nail. This helped a lot. I got surgery where the foot doctor cut the sides of the nails and put medication to prevent future growth of the ingrown parts. I haven't had problems since, but I don't stand a lot either.
  4. Oh, also file the top of your nail straight across (so your nail is squarish) as much as possible before you cut the V. Good luck. I just looked at my manky feet and I desperately need a pedi.
  5. Go to the Dr...my son used to get them all the time from trimming his big toe nail wrong. It finally got infected and the Dr had to numb it and make some big cuts in the nail. Don't mess with it yourself
  6. My daughter got an infection too so the podiatrist numbed her toe and cut the nail way down......we will probably have to have the permanent procedure done since it started bothering her again. I feel bad because it is the same toe as my ingrown....genetics?
  7. Thanks guys! I'm going to try it and see what happens. If not, it'll be off to the podo-thingie with me.
  8. My pedicurist (sp?) told me that if the nail isn't too bad, then you can slide some (only a tiny bit) of cotton wool under the nail, and with the nail file, push it along to the side where the nail is starting to ingrow. The pressure from the cotton under the nail tip, will gradually relieve the pressure from the side of the toe, and it will grow out straight. I tried in on my Mum, and it does work, although it definatley isn't an immediate fix. You obviously have to change the cotton wool very regularly, but as the nail lifts, you can add more cotton wool. Once the side of the nail is clear, then you remove the cotton wool, and the nail should then continue to grow straight.

    I couldn't imagine doing this though, if there was a very bad ingrowing nail.

    Good luck!

  9. ^^ My friend had very bad ingrown nails and used to do this everyday! She finally had the surgery where they cut a lot of it out. She couldn't wear closed toed shoes forever (and she lives in Alaska) so she wore her Birkenstocks with socks! It was hilarious to see sometimes.
  10. I'm currently trying the V cut. Tried the cotton but it didn't work.
  11. Ugh! You have NO idea how much I feel for you! I have the worst toes ever: I've had to see a doctor twice already, and I currently have two future ingrown prospects right now.