Home waxing kits...

  1. I really hate plucking the hair off my upper lip, but I can't go get waxed as often as I need. So, I'm looking into a home waxing kit that I can use. I've had miserable failures with wax strips made by Veet. I've heard good things about Parissa and Poetic. Do you have any recommendations based on how easy it is to use with the least amount of mess for a klutz like me?
  2. I've used the organic hard wax they sell at Wholefoods.. it was OK.. a bit messy.. but not bad for a first timer!

    but I highly recommend Poetic purple lavendar hardwax you can find at Sephora.
    My old estetician told me never to use strip wax for your bikini area and face because it's so harsh on the skin.
    I took it for granted until my recent trip to Elizabeth Arden. They used honey strip wax for my bikini area and I couldn't walk for 2 days!
  3. I tried the Australian version on my legs, it doesn't work very well. Ouch! I went back to shaving.
  4. Neiman's sold a kit a few year's ago. I can't remember the name, but you might check online. I bought it for my eyebrows and I like it.
  5. Poetic Waxing is the least painful IMO. You can get it from Sephora.
  6. no waxing strips with poetic?
  7. I use Sally Hansen. I haven't seen the one I usually use (one of the microwavable ones they have) so I bought a double sided ready to go wax strip set. I haven't used it yet but I hope it works. The sugar wax on the other hand worked very well.
  8. GiGi makes a microwaveable wax that is excellent for the face; just nuke it for a minute comes with a little wooden spatula to spread it with and no linen strips are needed either;its available at Sally's Beauty Supply.