Home today.....and it's just the beginning.....

  1. Well........its sure thing. Caught whatever DD had that laid her up for two solid weeks and I'm home today trying whatever I can to stop this thing in its tracks.

    But. Well. I'm bored. Dragged my butt out of bed, threw down some coffee in my Jardin sur Nil breakfast mug with a hot tea/lemon concoction chaser in my Oiy Vey mug. And now, I feel like boring you all with pictures of Hermes stuff.....

    Hope you don't mind if I add a scarf here, a bracelet there.....nothing exciting, just something for me to do with myself. Anything except what I SHOULD be doing which is laundry and vacuming....but I'm sick so.....

    Ok....here's one I just took of Belts.

    and stuff coming out of my old bag..........
    _MG_3410belts.jpg _MG_3140Vintspilled.jpg
  2. And if anyone could suggest some good DVD's to watch I'd appreciate it. Maybe with some Hermes bags in it or Paris.......
  3. S'Mom...Hope you are feeling better soon!!! You have 3 days to take care of yourself and beat this thing!!! (I so hope you don't have what I had...knocking on wood...rubbing Buddha belly...praying to all...)

    Lovely pics!
  4. Beautiful pics of your H items!! I sure hope you feel better soon!!

  5. bolide bolide bolide, waiting for pics of the bolide!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    oh, ahem, and, um... sorry to hear you're not feeling well
  6. Bangle. :love:
  7. Oh my dear shopmom!!! Feel better...is DD taking care of you now?

    Love all your goodies...you are so slim for those gorgeous belts!!! LUCKY YOU!!!
  8. I know I did not hear you bought a BOLIDE????!!!!

    You said to me you were done with that collection!
  9. Love that Bangle!!! :heart:

    Get better soon D!!!!
  10. no, her chamonix. i meant her chamonix bolide. i want more pics. it's almost never in the action thread, she takes the most mouth-watering still pics of it, and I WANT MORE!!!:drool: :drool:
    and of course :angel: i hope she makes a speedy recovery :flowers: :flowers: :yes:
  11. oops....ok....Bolide!!!! (and Kelly Elan)

    HH I hung my Pelican AND my Sunflower cadenas from this bag. The only bag I've done that with and I like how it looks on the Bolide.........
  12. :wlae: i'm doing the bolide happy dance.

    but now... oh dear... you've fed the monster... i want more:hysteric: is there no hope for me?:shrugs: :wondering oh well, :whistle:
    gorgeous bag. so matte, so deep and dark. *slurp* (apologies - is that the right thing to say when you've licked someone's bag?)
  13. Ohhh, s'mom! Lovely pics.

    So sorry that you're under the weather. Take lots of fun pics for us to ooh and ahh over, it's ever enough ;)
    You've inspired me to buy a new belt today! I'm off to pick up fuschia ostrich. Check your hermes in action, I've left you a surprise! Feel better soon!:heart:
  14. and....for your viewing pleasure......

    MUFFIN in her favorite place................
  15. love you'r bolide and belts shop mom,
    and that new movie Little man has a lady with an orange Birkin:drool: you should rent it and just replay that part...