Home sick so playing in my closet -- reveal of unused collection pieces

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  1. Despite my best efforts to stay away from DH (he's had a cold all week), I woke up feeling awful. So I stayed home and have been shopping online all day. Anyone else overspend when they're sick? [emoji40][emoji30][emoji40][emoji30]

    Anyway, I decided I needed to identify pieces in my collection they I've literally NEVER used. I need to force myself to use these before buying anything new. So I'm ok if the new releases take an extra week. Haha. [emoji6][emoji6][emoji12]

    So here are the three pieces in my LV collection they I've never touched. And I have no idea why! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458580656.491539.jpg

    Especially need to use this little guy.


    Would love to see similar posts from other collectors that might find unused treasures in their closets. (I may do the same thing for my Chanel collection later today if I feel up to it).

    Thanks for letting me share! Have a lovely day.
  2. LVOE the Kusama Cosmetic pouch! Such a beauty.
  3. Oh my gosh! Those are great pieces that have been forgotten about. The little bird on your coin pouch. Is that suppose to be a rooster or what? What year is that from? And I'm brain dead I guess right now, but your DE bag does it start with a B? I honestly can't remember the name for some reason🤔. But, those are three great pieces that are probable so happy you pulled them out[emoji7].

  4. Thanks!! Definitely going to use it. I think I've feared damaging the design from it rubbing other items in my bag.

  5. Thanks so much! It definitely looks like a rooster. It is from 2010 (had to read the receipt to get that info [emoji6]).

    The other bag is the Bergamo! Wish I had pulled it out earlier in the winter. Not a spring look. [emoji12]
  6. Gorgeous. I'd use them! Too pretty to just sit in the closet. I hope you feel better.

  7. Thanks so much Katieny!
  8. Nice finds, (refinds??) Lol! I love the Bergamo!

  9. Thanks!
  10. you must have an amazing collection to have bags you haven't touch or used...lol i wish i have that problem. hope u're feeling better soon.

  11. You are kind. Thank you! There are way more impressive collectors on TPF, but I do have a lot of nice pieces. I've gone overboard in certain seasons. Hopefully I've gotten better and less excessive.
  12. I hope you get well soonest! I was sick last week (my toddler passed on her "minor" colds and it transfered to me in "major proper cold" fashion!).. so I understand how not fun it is.

    I bet I have similar gems in my closet.. Sigh. Sometimes I wish I met a neighbor who is as bag obsessed as me and we become friends and we trade items with each other so we get our "new item fix"! Know what I mean?
  13. Finding new and unused items from the closet is like shopping new again! Hehe

  14. Yes-- wish I had that neighbor too! Please post a few pics of your closet finds. Thanks for the sympathy on the cold. I'm sure we got it from our 2 year old in the first place.

  15. Sure is!
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