Home sick on Easter wknd, multi koala wallet please!?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    It's turning out to be a nice day here in the bay area and I'm home sick on Easter weekend :sad: . So what can a girl do but do some online shopping?!? :smile: Just a little somethin' to make me feel better right?

    Ok, so I've been eyeing the white multicolor koala wallet. Still can't seem to justify the $675 retail, so anyone see any used/deals out there?

    I'm hitting eBay and resellers after posting this, but figured I'd go to you guys first! Tnx and Happy Easter!
  2. I don't know of any deals on them but feel ya on the homesick. I'm 12 hours from the closest person that is kin to me. Sucks sometimes, especially since the weather is so cold here now.

    Good luck on finding one.
    I personally use the pochette NM in black multi and a brown mono documents wallet that has a removable passport holder. I love having the color in my bag and the multicolore honestly makes me smile EVERY time I open my bag and see it. LOVE IT.

    I don't like the Koala lock only because it makes it harder to get into. Snaps work best for me, but it does have a pretty look and I'm sure there are tons here who highly recommend it.

    Let us know if you find anything!
  3. Thanks mlowran...it was a sad Easter for me. Bad weekend to be sick, had family in town but didn't want to pass on the fever, chills etc.. Feeling much better now! :yahoo:

    I love the MC accessories! You're right they're so happy. I'm still on the hunt and considering other styles too, like the MC zippy...just scared that the bigger I go, the more I'll stuff it!