Home Security Scam

  1. I thought I might share my story so that people will be on guard if the same situation occurs with them.

    This guy comes to my house, dressed in standard corporate on-site gear, baby blue polo shirt tucked into khakis.

    He said that he was sent by GE in regards to "this," after which he tapped the sign on my lawn denoting that we have a home security system. He then claimed that he had to install a part on my home security system to update it or something, and asked if he could come inside.

    I told him that I wasn't the homeowner (my parent's house) and that I knew nothing about anything because I had just returned home from studying abroad for a year. He asked a few more questions, I disavowed any knowledge and he eventually left.

    The reason I knew it was a scam from the get-go: we don't have a home security system.

    The sign on our lawn is a fake, only meant to deter those who might be entertaining the idea of burglarizing my parent's house. There's no way he could have been sent by anyone, because we wouldn't have been in any company's records as having a security system.

    I'm guessing he was just scoping out the neighborhood to figure out which houses had security systems, and once inside, to sabotage those systems and/or determine whether there was anything inside the house worth stealing.

    I have no idea whether this is a widespread method of house-burglarizing, but I just wanted to warn people to be careful about these things.
  2. Or to get in to rape or murder the homeowner......
    it is so sick what people will do anymore...you have to be so careful...
  3. Perhaps you should remove the sign from your yard.
  4. That's awful! I'm glad that you didn't let him in. I know many people who have those signs in their yards and windows, but do not have an actual system
  5. If something like that happens again, ask to see his ID. I think you answered too many questions. I would of just said, thanks but I will call the company and schedule an appointment for when it is more convenient for me. Even if you just have a faux sign on your lawn, you should be careful

    There is another scam that is very dangerous for all the single mothers, women, etc. There are people that go around trying to sell magazine subscriptions. If they see a woman answer the door, they will try to do a push in and rape, rob, or worse to the female. Please be careful and always ask to see some form of ID. When in doubt call the company.
  6. I am a SAHM so I never answer the door unless it's the UPS or fedex guy and I know it's them cuz I can hear and see their truck outside. I have trained the kids too to be quiet whenever they hear the doorbell ring.

    There are some serious sickos out there!!
  7. Wow, that is scary. Did you call the cops and report this creep to them? You should, if you haven't already because someone is going to be a victim to whatever the crime is he is trying to commit.
  8. OMG, thats sooo scary! Would it be worth it to get rid of that sign? If you dont mind me asking, in what part of CA are you in?
  9. I never ever answer the door unless it's someone I'm expecting. There are too many sickos out there.
  10. You may also want to tell your neighbors and notify the police with his description. He's up to no good.
  11. You should not have answered the door to him. If I am not expecting the person I will not answer the door to strangers. If a person has a reason to come to my house they can call. It is really too dangerous for you to answer the door for people these days.
  12. First of all, I'm glad nothing happened to you. Thanks for sharing this info!