Home Schooled ?

  1. What do you think are, in your opinion, the advantages and disadvantages to be home schooled ?

    Were you home schooled ?

    Would you consider it for your children ?
  2. It's not for me or my children, but it's come a L O N G way from where it used to be.
    I bet most people have some negative opinions about it, but may not know exactly how far it's come over the last 5 years.
  3. I wasn't, but I think it's good. I perfer private school, though.
  4. Very interesting topic Prada!

    When my children were babies (now 3 1/2 and almost 5) I was very into what is called "attachement parenting". I breastfed 100% of the time, the babies slept in our bed, I carried my babies constantly in a sling and I used cloth diapers. I had alway planned on home-schooling. I USED to be judgemental of women who put their kids in day care, who did not breastfeed, etc. (I AM NOT LIKE THAT ANYMORE: MOTHERS NEED TO STICK TOGETHER AND UNITE).

    Wow, have I come a looooong way!!! I do not plan on home-schooling. In fact, my daughter attends public pre-school 5 days a week. I agree with Swanky in that it has come a long way and I do respect parents who choose this route. For me personally, I think my children will benefit from public school. Although I have a Masters degree, I do not feel qualified to home school my children. Plus there is the whole socialization issue.

    As most of you know, we are moving to NY next week. My husband and I researched schools and made our choice of where to buy a house based on the school reports and advice of people we knew. Obviously this affected our housing decision (less house for the $$ because of taxes) but that is a sacrifice we are willing to make. Okay, I am going off topic now.

    Anyway, I have read wonderful stories of home-schooled students going to Harvard and having full social lives. I think it depends on the parents and how much work they are willing to put into it. I wish it was something I could do, but realistically I know it is not for our family.
  5. ^ I would have never pictured you AP! My sister pretty much is, but she's a little more mainstream as well. She's also a LLL Leader ! LOVE her!
  6. I think that it all depends. Like becca I always thought I would homeschool, even more so because i'm a certified teacher, but now that the time has come, i'm more likely to put my first into pre pre-school in the next year or so. It's a mixture of realizing that maybe it's not for me and the fact that I think that my child would enjoy being at school. Now, if he comes home all traumatized, i just might rethink the whole situation. Who knows...

    A friend of mine homeschools and she does a great job. Her kids are well-adjusted to other kids and adults and they are all pretty bright. Home-schooling has in fact come a long way and the awesome thing is that kids are so adaptable and such great learners that they are able to achieve so much even without "professional teachers."
  7. That is sooo cool! I would LOVE to become a La Leche (sp) leader. Your sister rocks!
  8. she TOTALLY rocks! I adore her! She used to make her own cloth diapers. . . until her 3rd came along! LOL!
  9. I would be afraid of depriving children of social interaction. Also, I think they might end up lacking in "street smarts". Some of my family home schools their kids, I just hope for the kid's sake nothing bad happens to them. I also think about how they must have missed the fun things like senior prom.
    I went to public school and my parents still managed to shelter me enough so I made good decisions and stayed out of trouble. However, if you can't afford private school and the local high school is a full of gangs, drugs and everything else, I would choose home school.
    I agree, it depends. In any event I would want kids to be adequately prepared for college and life in general.
  10. i don't have kids, obviously, but since i'm a recent product of a public primary school education, i figure i'll throw in my two cents.

    while i'm sure that the rare parent may do a wonderful job at it, i feel like most parents probably aren't qualified to teach at least a portion of the material that their kids need to learn to be academically competative (i know my parents couldn't teach me calculus).

    there's also the socialization issue, and i'm a big proponent of academic competition. i went to a very large, very academically-oriented public school, and being surrounded by a diverse, intelligent group of peers definately inspired me to work harder and taught me a lot about accepting defeat graciously. i don't know if these things would have happened for me if i was home schooled.

    i definately feel for any home school kids that go to the university i go to. the peer pressure is so great and it's such a hyper social environment that i think it would be really hard to get used to life here if you haven't been in a high school like that.
  11. I would buy cloth diapers for a small fortune off different websites ($30 a diaper!!) My friends thought I was loony!! You have to admitt though, most of the cloth diapers (home-made) were so freaking adorable!!
  12. My neighbor home schools hers. These children rarely leave the house and you never see them playing outside with friends.

    There is no right or wrong but mine went from a public to private school. They need that social interaction like Amanda said to succeed.
  13. ^SO adorable!

    Amanda, home schooling is VERY different than most people think.
    Most Moms arene't just teaching their child in their home.
    Most home schooled children actually go to a home or other location where a parent that is qualified or a hired tutor teaches up to a dozen children. Sometimes it's in a different spot each day or each week. There's a LOT of social gatherings amongst the home schooled. They even have sports sometimes.

    Maybe not all home school homes are like this, but most are these days. At least around here.
  14. yeah, i've heard about stuff like that, and i know some home schoolers that used to debate in high school, i just think it sounds so different from the things that made public school a good experience for me. i would have freaked out. even now i prefer to be in huge, 300-person lecture classes rather than small, 15-person classes in college. i'm self-motivated, i hate teachers that look over your shoulder all the time. i like the responsibility of accomplishing things myself, and high school taught me that i'd have to do that. it prepared me fantastically well for college.
  15. ^ I agree, for me personally and my choice for my children, home schooling is not for us.