Home Remedies

  1. Hello Ladies and Gents!

    I thought it would be fun (and helpful!) to find out any good home remedies to cure sickness, or even cleaning, or anything else helpful! So bust out your old tricks and share the wealth!! :yahoo:

    -Use Coke for cleaning the tub! It really breaks down soap skum, and water build up!

    -When you have a splinter in your finger (esp. if you cant see where the splinter is at!) rub it into your hair. The static elctricy build up in your hair will make the spliter come out so you pull it out. But just so you know, it tingles and hurts while rubbing, but keep doing it until you see it! Really works! :tup:

    -If you can't sleep regularly eat Fennel seeds.

    -If you have acne, cook oatmeal and apply on face for fifteen minutes, then wash. You'll notice clearer softer skin in a few days.

    -If you have scars, pop a vitamin E oil pill and rub it into your scars. It takes some time to work, but it does help fade scars in the long run!!

    (More to come as I remember more!! Haha)
  2. I have a few tricks from my manicurist! To get the dead skin and calluses off your feet use an electric sander- with sandpaper! It really works. Also, use a dryer sheet when trying to remove nailpolish.

    Not really a home remedy, but the Igia zit zapper REALLY works.

    I keep all my creams, lotions, majority of my makeup and facewipes in the fridge. They keep fresh- especially out here in the desert!

  3. When I visited Vietnam , I saw my family put perfume in the fridge. I guess that keeps it fresh?
  4. I like hot lemon and honey tea for cold and flu symptoms.
  5. if you crack a nail but it's it completely broken take a piece of toilet paper split down to single ply cut tear off smaller piece paint hnail in clear varnish stick down toilet paper and paint over with clear varnish again you can paint over it if you want, this will help you keep the nail until it grows.

    For eczema stuff a stocking (or something similar) with oatmeal and put in a running bath this will help with the eczema patches and itches.
  6. i drink margaritas to relax, and i clean my shower with vinegar!
  7. Oh, yeah, you don't really need Windex. Dampen a piece of newspaper with city punch (water) and use it to wipe down your glass and mirror items. My mom taught me that trick. It might take more elbow grease.

    I use baking soda in place of stuff like Comet and Ajax when cleaning sinks and stuff...it's an abrasive (albeit a mild one), plus it cleans and deodorizes. In a pinch it's also a great (but nasty) toothpase and a fair deodorant (just don't make it a habit).

    I rub my fingers on a stainless steel knife under running water after I've handled raw onions. It just does away with the smell altogether.
  8. oh wow, all of these are great!

    -if you put nail polish in the fridge it stays fresh longer!

    -if youve got some really funky scent that just wont go away (ie the closet full of tennis shoes!) just slice a lemon in half and sprinkle lots of salt over it. let it sit in the corner with a dish under. :] soaks up the stench right away!!

    -if you want to smudge proof your liner, apply it with a pencil or a tiny brush, then trace over the line with a matching powder shadow. to make it last even longer: wet your shadow brush with visine first.

    -if you like the useage of water proof mascera but hate how it sticks on when you try to remove it at night, simply apply one regular coat of mascera and then apply one more coat, but this time of the water proof mascera. that way the water proof locks onto the regular mascera instead of your lashes. comes off like regular mascera!

    -when you have plush animals in your home and they become dirty, stick it in a pillow case and toss it in with your regular landry. just make sure u use it on the gentle cycle. (check to make sure there is to tears on animal, if so, then sew first.) don’t throw a stuffed animal in the washing machine if it’s very old or very delicate. put it in a paper bag and shake baking soda into the same bag. shake the bag until the stuffed animal is coated in baking soda. leave the baking soda on for about thirty minutes and then brush off with a towel. this is also a good way for cleaning and freshening animals that are too big for the washing machine.

    -if you have crayon marks on your wall, use some w-d40. :] wipes right off!!

    --candle wax on your nice table?? use a blow dryer and wipe dry. repeat until gone!

  9. oh wow, the exzema trick sounds awsome!! gotta have my fiance try it! he's aways getting patches!!

    for the nail trick, what im confused. when the nail is completely cracked off are we glueing it back into place??
  10. The nail

    I have strong nails and the crack at the side low down it's painful to cut them off and they aren't broken all the way but if you leave it, it will catch on everything so the toilet paper seals it stops the nail catching and works like a plaster cast on a broken bone until the nail is long enough to cut

  11. oohh yes! i get it now!! yes it is painful then they catch on something because they are so deep into the nail! good idea! :] i must try this when i get another one.. hopefully u wont though!:tup:
  12. For headaches, try lavendar. I used to get horrible migraines, and lavendar oil at my temples was the only thing that worked.

    For ringworm (my grandmother told me this a long time ago when I was a kid) grind mustard seeds and water into a paste and apply it to the spot. My grandma did it to my cousin and it worked.

    To reduce mouth ulcers, take the vitamin L-Lysine.

    If your stomach is upset, drink Sprite and/or eat Saltine crackers. The saltines absorb stomach acids that make your stomach hurt.

    For red wine stains (like on a tablecloth) sprinkle salt thoroughly all over the stain.

    And mayonnaise really will make your hair shiny.
  13. Also: for zits, lemon juice works wonders.

  14. mayonnaise your hair like how u shampoo??
    and lemon juice for how long??
  15. for a quick home facial, boil a pot of water, add your fav essential oil (i like lavendar), take it off the stove. Put your face about 10 inches away from the water for about 8-10 minutes. then rinse your face with cold water.

    quick shower exfoliater. mix honey and sugar until it resembles a paste. rub it over your body and rinse off.