Home remedies: Best Overnight Treatment for a Pimple?

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  1. I'll apply a thin layer of a benzoyl peroxide cream and let it dry completely. Then I'll put a large drop of anti biotic cream (neosporin works too). Then I'll put a bandaid over it and head to bed. This usually helps my large painful pimples reduce by almost half by the next day.
  2. CosrX pimple patches. They’re amazing and work overnight on a breakout to remove the excess liquid and dry it up. Works every time but only on breakouts that have come to a head.
    On all others, Mario Badeacu Buffering lotion or a dab of Retin- A
  3. What works for me is pure honey. Cover the pimple in honey, then put a bandaid and go to bed. Honey is a natural antiseptic.
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  4. Toothpaste is always my go to
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  5. Mario Badescu drying lotion
  6. Tea tree oil on the spot only
  7. I'm Team Toothpaste. The cheap drugstore kind.
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    For me, toothpaste works wonders. Aloe Vera gel is equally good to remove pimples.
  9. Neosporin