Home remedies: Best Overnight Treatment for a Pimple?

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  1. Another toothpaster here! Even Grandma used to recommend it.
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  2. One I heard of, I haven't tried though.

    Pour boiling water over a slice of apple and let it soften. Place the apple on the pimple for 20 min. (once it has cooled down enough).
  3. I have a big hormonal sucker at the moment, and last night I went to bed with Neutrogena On the Spot (benzoyl peroxide) on it with one of those tiny Band-Aids on top. Woke up today and it was greatly reduced - not gone, but a big difference.
  4. I heard urine gets rid of a pimple :shocked:. But I don't like the idea of putting wee on my face.......think I'd rather suffer with a spot.
  5. I've never used toothpaste but many people say it works well.

    I dab a little bit of Queen Helene's Mint julep Masque on it and by morning it is usually gone.
  6. At the rate i'm going, i will try anything EXCEPT this


  7. sorry, deleted, my post was not home remedies
  8. Not sure if this counts as a home remedy but tea tree oil works wonders as a spot treatment
  9. I wouldn't recommend using toothpaste. It can work to dry out a pimple, but depending on the type of toothpaste and your skin sensitivity, you run the risk of really irritating your skin. I've seen pictures of toothpaste causing "chemical burns" when used this way.

    If you want something that works as well as benzoyl peroxide, but causes less irritation, try using tea tree oil. This explains how. https://www.acneauthority.org/tea-tree-oil-for-acne/

    The best way to treat acne is to hit it from a few different angles. For example, tea tree oil kills the bacteria. Other products, such as salicylic acid helps cause dead skin cells to shed off more quickly, reducing clogged pores. Combine a couple things if you aren't having success with one treatment.
  10. Burt’s bees tea tree oil stick works the best for me - I put it on at night and the pimple is gone by morning
  11. I rub anti-acne facial scrub on my pimples again and again until they dry up. They usually disappear in three days. Then I use All Purpose Hydroquinone Cream on the scars. I've never tried the home remedies posted on the internet before.
  12. I bought these little self stick patches from Sephora called Peace Out Acne. Whenever I have a pimple I put one on and leave it there overnight. Bam, the next morning it is gone and if not gone then definitely a lot, lot better.
  13. Ice or heat depending on the pimple.
    Apple cider vinegar also works sometimes.
  14. I bought a LightStim for acne (blue light). I find that if I hold it over the pimple for two cycles (it beeps after three minutes, so I hold it there for six) that it helps to dry it out. Of course the full LED face masks you can buy will work just as well. After I do that then I put a dab of Paula's Choice Skin Clearing Treatment on it with a q-tip. By morning it is usually much smaller.
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    I would be really careful with using toothpaste on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin. Fluoridated toothpaste is one of the suspected causes of perioral dermatitis. You don’t want to trade one problem for a bigger and harder to treat problem! Use of hydrocortisone cream on the face is also a cause of perioral dermatitis, which is a bummer because I love how it calms the redness in my skin! Just be cautious. A pimple is crummy for sure but perioral dermatitis is worse!