Home remedies: Best Overnight Treatment for a Pimple?

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  1. For a more high tech approach you can use the zeno. It heat up the tip and you place it on the blemish for 3 minutes...after two treatments you get massive improvement. It supposedly cause the bacteria to die and the lesion goes away.
  2. I have some meds from my dermatologist which are really good although sometimes i dab tea tree oil on my face
  3. I have some meds from my dermatologist which are really good although sometimes i dab tea tree oil on my face:yes:
  4. Clinique makes a good spot-treatment that has salicylic acid in it. Or you could just crush up some aspirins and make a paste to dab on your spots.
  5. Good cleansing with antibacterial soap then apply dalacin c(clindamycin phosphate solution) or any drying solution like tea tree and then mandatory a cortisone cream.Next day it will be gone or worst case scenario half the size. I have a serious problem and i know...
  6. Well I've heard that squeezing lemon onto your face works a treat!!!!!!!! It really works but make sure your hands are CLEAN and you only leave it on for 15 minutes then wash it off..
  7. Tea tree oil works well although not really a home remedy. It works as an antiseptic and will help with the inflamation and infection. Get it from Aveda, it is 100% pure. ALso you don't have to use a lot just, dab some of the oil on a q-tip then on your blemish. Let it absorb into the skin and apply makeup or after your moisturizer you are ready for bed!! Just don't play with it, it will go away soon!
  8. I use Oxy. It cures small pimples very well. Don't use it excessively. I use it at night and the next morning, I use Kose Junkisui moisturizer which treats inflammation and redness. When I was a teenager and have bad acne, I pop some roaccutane pills prescribed by my dermatologist. I stick with my aesthetic physician now to make me beautiful.
  9. after hearing about the toothpaste option i wanted to see if it was truth or myth... so i performed a little mythbusters experiment of my own and used it on an area where i felt a little bump appearing...


    the next day my skin was completely irritated and dried up, it actually felt leathery like croc skin... sooooo gross........

    today i woke up.... the redness was gone and so was the pimple... but.. the skin has started to peel and its red raw underneath and now i look like a burns victim... :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: i shall now not leave the house for a week until my face is back to normal...
  10. I always put a little bit of neosporin on a bandaid and sleep with it on and the next morning it's gone.:wlae:

  12. I put cortisone cream on and cover it with a band aid before I go to bed. In the morning I use ice (in a ziploc bag) and that also helps with the redness and swelling and take ibuprofen.

    Can you tell I've deal with pimples all the time?!! :yucky:
  13. Neosporin is great for pimples. I've also tried Nature's cure cream, a homeopathic acne treatment that you can buy at drugstores and that helps dry it out too.
  14. ALWAYS rinse off make up off at night! and Wash your face 2 times a day! cleanse, tone, and moisturize~ Drink water water water!!!!

    Overnight..use lemon juice, or tea tree oil. Ice really helps a pimple before it begins. RetinA is realllly strong on your skin but it heals the pimples that really hurt! :tup:

    If you want facials..I have a couple of recommendations for people with oily skin with breakouts.

    First, clean your skin by just dabbing a hot cloth on your face, the steam will open your pores! Then...use Tomatoes..they are greaaat for pimples! They have sooo many vitamins. Then rub ice in a cloth which helps your blood circulation! Then put egg whites on your face for 10 min. or until hardens..which helps breakouts really really good! :rolleyes:
    Rinse with cold water and you will feel refreshed!

    Ive tried these and they help out a lot
  15. These are great!!!