Home remedies: Best Overnight Treatment for a Pimple?

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  1. I know there are tons and tons of home remedies for pimples - what do you guys suggest? I've heard crazy things to remove redness or to extract an infection - I'd love to hear everyones philosophies :P
  2. in high school I used to do this home remedy of alcohol, baking soda, & milk of magnesia on my face........it actually worked but the routine was so tedious that I gave up on that

    for overnight I would suggest toothpaste........but it will make the area red........so if you have a good cover up you should be okay......the toothpaste just dries it up and shrinks the bump up a little
  3. hydrocortisone cream will help with the inflammation and redness.
  4. yea I've heard that toothpaste works great
  5. slice up a cucumber and toss it into the blender, put on your face for about 20-30 minutes as long as you can stand it. Your face will feel great! I did this as a teenager and it really worked on my t-zone for oily skin.
  6. for me, it is aloe vera gel. it does reduce swelling.
  7. Toothpaste. It dries the pimple out. And makes it smell minty fresh.
  8. ITA... lolz heheh minty :roflmfao: heheh..:yes:
  9. This isn't exactly a home remedy but I use something called Bye Bye Blemish which I get at Walgreens,
  10. This isn't exactly a home remedy but I use something called Bye Bye Blemish which I get at Walgreens, it's got sulfur in it and dries it overnight. Also, Visine takes the red out of a pimple.
  11. wexler skincare makes overnight pimple treatments, they come in packs of 18, and you use one per night. they're individual so you don't contaminate the product with bacteria from the blemish (because that'll just cause more blemishes!). they really do reduce redness and size, and you can get them at bath and body works.
  12. As morepls said, Visine really does get the red out. That's what they use at the Miss America pageants, so if they can rely on it, it must work.
  13. a product with 5-10% benzoyl peroxide, along with a 1% cortisone cream.
  14. I've tried the toothpaste option, all it does is make the area redder and more irritetated.:rant: Dermatologists also agree that it doesn't have any positive affect. Tried just about every overnight zit treatment and none of em work:sad: .
  15. I use toothpaste. I tried it once & it worked really well..the pimple was gone by the next morning. But that was the only time it actually worked..sometimes it takes longer:shrugs: