Home Office furniture

  1. Where I can I find something nice but not toooo expensive. I saw something in PotteryBarn that I like but I wanted to look other places too. Where should I go?
  2. Design Within Reach is great. It's only slightly more expensive than Pottery Barn (depending), but infinitely less obvious.

  3. I would say Target....they have some really nice stuff, maybe their "designer" stuff for Target...

    Another option would be West Elm...gosh I :heart: this store!
  4. Ikea!
  5. Ikea! :yes:
  6. Ethan Allen furniture stores have a nice selection of office furniture. I just got a lovely book case from them.
  7. Christopher Lowell collections at Office Depot has some great office furniture that is very inexpensive.
  8. Ikea is the go-to place for me