Home Made Remedys

  1. anyone got any? to do with ANYTHINg.. i remeber ages ago i had a dandruff problem ( haha i really tell you guys everything.. anyways..) someone had a thing of drinking cider with your wter and it keeps it at bay

    anyone have any others? face mask ones especially!!

    teehee. a friend of mine said rubbin oil into your fingernails everynight makes the stronger.. y ou have to soak them in there. dont knonw if its true though
  2. Wow I was digging deep in the search files. I found this-so Bumpity Bump.
    I have one: for a consistent cough boil sliced ginger and dark cola and drink it. Tastes-not good but it works.
  3. Garlic under your nails makes them grow and Vicks vapor rub works to prevent bruising of any kind. :tup:
  4. Bumping this up again because it really is a great topic!

    EVOO and sugar mixed is wonderful for exfoliating. GENTLY massage onto face for 10 minutes and rinse off with luke warm water. Apply your moisturizer. I love it
  5. Honey and aspirin mask
    EVOO as a makeup remover
    Hydrogen peroxide as toner
    Baking soda and water as an exfoliant
    You can also add baking soda to your shampoo to get rid of residue build-up! :tup:
  6. salt and some form of liquid soap will take out blood stains - even out of white!
  7. there's another thread for this somewhere...
  8. I alternate between these three or four masks before a shower.

    Honey on the face, let it sit for 10 mins and then go into the shower.
    Egg yolks or the whole egg, when it's dry you're skin will feel tight, shower.
    Ground aspirin mask, make a paste and apply to face, let it sit for 5-8 mins then shower, it can make you cough a bit.
    Yogurt, a squirt of honey, a small pinch of salt, and some brown sugar .. use it right away before the sugar melts because you want it to work like the beads, so you just massage all over the face, you can let it sit after for a bit. you can do a drop of olive oil in this mixture too if you don't have overly oily skin.

    The reason I do them before a shower is because I can't wash them off without getting some in my hair so it's just easier that way, plus you won't smell like honey, or egg, or anything like that.
    Before you apply any of the masks it's a good idea to wash your face with warm water, or apply a hot face cloth to open up the pores.
  9. The baking soda w/ water for exfoliating works great!

    I just tried adding baking soda to some shampoo and that worked really well! Thanks.
  10. Wow, great tip! I'll have to try this!
  11. Aspirin (crushed) mixed with water to form a paste is a great exfoliator.
  12. wow didnt realise someone bumped this..

    keep em coming..

    i heard also to pour white wine on a carpet stain to get stains out.. not sure how realiable tht is thogh
  13. ^^club soda works
  14. Question?? For the aspirin mask...What exactly is the formula? Is it just crushed aspirin and water? And how many does it usually take and how long do u leave it on etc??
  15. ^^ Here ya go! :flowers:


    Many tPFers vary the ingredients. Some mix aspirin with their facial cleanser like Cetaphil, etc. Some mix the aspirin with the St. Helene's Mint Julep Mask. :yes: After all, everyone's skin is different. Plus, it's fun to experiment and customize your own face mask.