Home-made Purseket/purse organizer. You can make your own.

  1. I know this is not exactly Coach related topic, but to my understanding, there are a lot of ladies who love big bags like I do and things just get "lost" in the bag... When cell phone rings, you have to fish for it in your tote/satchel and always end up missing the call. Or, that darned change purse just no where to be found when you go to drive-through Starbucks/Dunkin Doughnuts. I posted a reply on Cha Cha's Thread because she was wondering how people keep things organized inside a big bag.

    I just wanted to say that I am not in any way shape or form related to purseket dot com. I am just a health care professional who is into crafty stuff and hate to pay too much for something that can be made easily. (I am also a bargain shopper too) :p

    I'd like to pay tribute to the Oprah magazine for it is the source of my inspiration of making my own purseket.

    Okay, enough said. Let's get down to the business! lol

    Pic1. This is my mom's 25 year-old Speedy30 of which I had "gradual ownership". aka. borrowed :p

    Pic2. I am not a smoker, what you see where there is a cig case is actually a picture an old TVGuide. The TVGuide is there to provide structural support so the bottom of the Speedy won't sag too much and distort the shape of the seam on the corners of the bag.

    Pic3. Different angle of inside the Speedy where purseket wraps around the inner perimeter.

    Pic4. Shows where the length of the purseket runs out and doesn't wrap around like the other end.
    Speedy30 outside view.JPG Speedy30 inside1.JPG Speedy30 inside2.JPG Speedy30 inside3.JPG
  2. Great! but how did you make it?
  3. +1 =)
  4. Thanks for the pics and the idea!!
  5. Instruction and dimensions:

    Step 1. Selection of fabrics

    You need some thick fabric to provide structural support for the purseket to "stand up" in your big bag. I used my old jeans. I cut out the trouser part and took of the seam. After you cut it out, examine the fabric to decide whether you want the outside or inside seam of the jeans to be used as the bottom base of the purseket.

    I used the outside seam as the base of my purseket because it is straighter and less worn.

    Step 2. Customize dimensions

    Empty out your current bag and see what you carry. Put your items on the fabric and you should be able to decide what total length of purseket you need. Also measure each pocket size, add half an inch to allow stretching factor when you put stuff in.

    Step 3. Select lining fabric

    The lining fabric should be soft so it doesn't scratch your cell phone. The dimension should be larger than the thick fabric. I started with almost 2 inches larger and as I made the purseket, I trimmed it down where I needed. It's safer that way.

    Step 4. Join the lining and the outside fabric together

    Start with one of the long ends and stitch about 1 centimeter in from the end. Before you start the sewing machine, make sure the lining is rolled and wrapped the edge of the harder fabric. I used several pins and paper clips to secure the fabrics so they stay aligned as I sew. See Pic 4 (the reverse side of the puresket). I finished the top end of the purseket first

    Once the top part is finished, flatten the fabrics so you can do the bottom end.

    The sides are similar too. Check the width of the lining fabric and trim off excess so when you roll the lining over the outside fabric, you have even width through out.

    Once you finish the short sides, you should have one big undivided pocket.

    Step 5. Customize the pocket size.

    Confirm your pocket size on your notes again and make sure the sum of each pocket width is around the total width (length) of the undivided poket.

    I use pencil to mark the back (denim side) of the purseket to guide where I need to stitch. My cell phone pocket is somewhere close to the middle. I didn't feel like putting the cell phone pocket at either ends where it might not be as protective.

    Step 6. Finishing touch

    Tie the lose ends of the threads and trim.
    purseket1.JPG purseket2.JPG purseket3.JPG purseket4.JPG
  6. i love it .
  7. wow!! way too advanced for me but awesome suggestion!
  8. Whew, that was a long post... If I didn't make sense on my description, please let me know. A picture speaks a thousand words and I can take more pics if you wish. The purseket was my first project after I bought a sewing machine. Now I don't use my sewing machine much... only when I need to shorten my jeans while preserving the specially treated (i.e., faded) hem. Gosh, it costs too much to have them altered like that (did I already mention I am frugal? LOL)
  9. You are so creative! I'm totally impressed! :yes:
  10. Thank you!

    No no... I am an amateur... a lot of the steps are easier done than said. If you know how to use a sewing machine to do basic stitch, you can make your own purseket too. The only challenging part is just guiding the fabrics so the stiches come out straight.
  11. that is a wonderful idea! i wish i could make one but i have no sewing skills whatsoever. thanks for sharing!
  12. cool idea.. I would love to try this out.. Im not too handy with a needle and thread but I'm going to try it
  13. Sure this is a good idea but what would the fun be when you have to empty your purse out when you are looking for your wallet and the cashier is looking at you like you are some kind of idiot , yeah maybe I should get this , the above scenerio happens way too often :s :shame:
  14. Great job! (Although I'm not handy enough to attempt it).
  15. awesome! thanks for that info...its super creative and i am willing to try it this summer when i have a bit more time on my hands.