Home made Louis vuitton Tivoli GM Shaper

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  1. HI everyone-
    I'm new to this site:yahoo: yay! Well I finally got my second LV purse the Tivoli GM and I love it. It's the most amazing bag ever, although, the zipper drives me nuts...its not very smooth. I had tried searching everywhere on how to make the shaper b/c after purchasing this bag I went broke and didn't want to spend $25 on ebay to get the shaper. So i told my BF and he made the shaper for me. It turned out great! :woohoo:
    I'm going to attempt to upload the pix below...ok so i dont know where it is... I'll post this up and if it doesn't work will attempt to load it again.

    So this is how my bf did it. He got two different type of fabric. One side is a brown close to the inside of the bag and another is a brown vinyl kinda like leather.
    He used the box that it as wrapped in. The top of the box and the extra carboard piece at the bottom of the box. super glued the different fabrics on each side and glued the two pieces together.
    It took him about an hour. It's actually a little bit more complicated than that but you got the idea.:tup:

    let me know what u guys think!

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  2. here is how the vinyl looks inside the bag.

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  3. Wow, that looks great! Congrats on your new bag! That's a bummer about the zipper though, maybe try running candle wax or chapstick over the zipper teeth? I've heard it can help the zipper to run more smoothly...
  4. I think it looks great!!! What a sweet BF! I've seen LV bag shapers selling on eBay for up to $45 and I think it is absolutely ridiculous! Why buy when you can make your own ey?? ;)

    I made a simple one for my Monty PM as well. Now I think I'm gonna have to find a bf 1st... then get him to do a proper shaper for me :P
  5. Looks professional. Your BF should start taking orders. ;)
  6. Wow! Looks amazing - kudos to your bf for such skills.
  7. Nice custom work!
  8. Wow very nice!
  9. that looks really nice. What a sweet boyfriend
  10. Very nice and creative I love DIY projects. I have to get one too, I just got a Tivoli GM for Christmas from my DH. Have to try to do it like you did.
  11. Very nice! Kudos to your bf! I made base shaper for my Keepall 60 and 55, Speedy 40, and mom's Azur speedy 25 and NF Gm by cutting out a piece of cardboard paper and stuffing both two pieces of fabric i have made resembling a pillowcase. Once cardboard is in, I sew the opening of the fabric case and voila, a new base shaper! Cardboard paper cost $ .87 and fabric is $1.99 per yard at Wal-Mart.
  12. Great craftmanship, it looks great!!! Congrats!!
  13. Wow.. your BF is amazingly creative! He should start selling them on ebay for less than $25 lol
  14. What a sweet boyfriend!! I could see my husband doing that for me now :roflmfao: It would look HORRIBLE if he attempted to make one!