Home From Vacation Didnt See Alot Of Koobas

  1. I just go home from vacation in Las Vegas where I was hoping to see and touch alot of Koobas. I was so disappointed. Saks and NM no longer carry Kooba in the Fashion Show Mall (they had them in May). I could only find them in 2 Stores Nordstrom at the Fashion show Mall and a Store in Caesars Forum Shops. Of course I didnt have access to go around looking only my feet did the walking. They didnt have to many in either Store. I saw the Jackie in Lava which I really liked much better than pictures and not as big as I thought. The Devin in tan suede only just beautiful, Elisha in both colors suede another nice bag. The Eden in black, Hannah in pewter I liked the color on this bag, Kylie in pewter, Katy in lava and eggplant both nice colors it was bigger than I thought. The Linda and the Olivia. So that was my kooba hunt. My sister said when I was trying them all and I mean all of them, my face was just beaming. To say I was a little excited as we have no Shops where I live to go and see them in person.
  2. Hahahahaha!!! I just got back from San Diego - thinking I'd see SOMETHING. After I returned from Sea World I was convinced that the world was made up of nothing but Jansport backpacks and bad knockoff Coach bags. Never have I seen such dreck.
    Oh well. I know they're gotta be out there somewhere. .....I know those Kooba ladies are out there!!!!!!! :yes::wlae:
  3. jchiara hope you had a great time. It was so hot in Vegas I swear I will not go there in Sept. again. I only saw one person actually wearing a Kooba, it was a tan Jillian. My sister thinks I am crazy because I look to see and comment on everyones bags as we are shopping.
  4. You should have hit up Off 5th and NM Outlet when you were in town!!! Shame!! :smile:
  5. Nah. With four kids and a hubby in tow......ugh....Considering the goings on here lately, there wasn't too much I was interested in anyway....:graucho:
    I'm a vintage gal - if they had black Siennas (with the smooth leather) or some great Lucys, I'd be first in line! :heart:
  6. I've been vacationing on Cape Cod for the last two weeks and have yet to see one person with a Kooba. They seem to be into more of the backpack kinda bags. Now, they are made of leather but still nothing stylish. I realize that this is more of a nature spot and less of a fashion haven so maybe it's to be expected. Seeing none makes me love my bags even more!

  7. UUUGGGHHH is right. I have only 2 of these miracles, but it is WAY too difficult to shop...
  8. Hi, shockey, I just got back from Vegas too! I also spent some time Kooba hunting, since there is absolutely nowhere to see them in real life where I live. I did see some at Corsa Collections, which maybe is the same store you're talking about at the Forum Shops. I fell in love with the black suede Devin, but since it was cheaper to get it directly from Kooba online, that's what I did. Hopefully it will arrive today - I can't wait for my first Kooba!
  9. All these Vegas trips - I'm jealous! Checking out everyone's handbags as you're walking down the street, in stores, in restaurants is a sign of true addiction. I think all of us here do it. My husband even does it now and points them out to me.
  10. I just did it for the first time on Sunday at the mall by my house. I think it was the smallest corset bag(can't remember the name right now and too lazy to look it up) and I thought that it was quite nice. I hadn't liked it before..
  11. Hi sarahsar, Yep that was the place. I couldnt remember what it was called. I love that Store, they always have Koobas. Congrats on on your first Kooba I think you made a great decision. I loved the Devin:tup:
  12. Thanks! My Devin came in the mail today, and I think I am now hooked on Kooba! It is beautiful. My mother got an Elisha, also in black. They are both gorgeous bags.