Home From Laparoscopy

  1. :smile:

    hello ladies

    I am relieved to be home from my laparoscopy. I wanted to ask about the procedure before but I saw a few threads with details and got my info from there.

    I have had a large cyst removed and adhesions dealt with. Now I am just managing pain.

    Have you had similar? How long might I feel this way?
  2. Glad your procedure is behind you. I have not had laparoscopic surgery, but I work in the medial filed and deal with laparoscopic instrumentation on a regular basis. Your recovery and healing time should be reduced as a result of laparoscopy vs. traditional surgical methods. I hope that you are feeling better soon:smile:
  3. No experience but I hope you feel better soon! :hugs:
  4. Thanks ladies, vhdos, you have a very interesting career. I am amazed by all this. Swanky mama, thanks. I keep thinking I feel better and then feel exhausted again. I am obviously not patient and want to feel good now.
  5. Hope you feel better quickly. I haven't had lap, but know a few people who have had it for endo and other issues. They have generally said that the first few days when you are still bloated from the gas are by far the worst. Once that's gone, expect a little tenderness but to feel much better!
  6. feel better soon!! I had it done earlier this year, 4 months after a c-section. The first night home from the lap had me in so much pain I passed out-- and this was with me medicated. Breathing was also painful because of the aftereffects of anaethesia. Accdg to the doc, recovery takes a few days and full recovery about 3 weeks. Took me a while though because I tore open one of the little incisions because I was running to the nursery one night and slammed into the corner of a glass table!
  7. Hi that sounds painful...the table I mean. Yes I found the first few days really bloated. I am better now but seem to have a stitch like pain permanently in my side. It has been exactly a week for me and mine was quite a big procedure so I am thinking I might be more like three weeks until feeling OK. Wondering when I will get back to work, have been off since June :wondering
  8. Feel better soon. I had laparoscopic gallbladder surgery; took three weeks to heal.

    What exactly was done laparoscopically--meaning where was the cyst? Sometimes recovery depends on the area too
  9. Hello New CoachQueen, I have heard that gall bladder surgery is routinely carried out laparoscopically. In fact, when I first got ill they suspected mine might have been that too. Mine was ovarian but had adhered to other areas too. It took a while and I am uncomfotable now but relieved it has gone.
  10. I had laparoscopy for endo and it took me about 10 days to fully recover, I did however go back to work on the third day. I took it easy at work though, barely move around and easy walk here and there. My tummy was bloated for about 4 days. To ease the pain I took the painkiller that my RE gave me. I think I only took 2 tablets a day. You will feel much better by the weekend, I promise :smile:
  11. Thanks glistenpearls. I hope the endo is better now. Your children look gorgeous in your avatar and must look after mummy very well.
    There is no chance I could have gone back to work after 3 days, I am a bit better now but was not able to do much on day 3. I am itching like crazy today, I think thats all part of healing.
  12. Thank you! Yes, they are my life :biggrin:
    I had a pretty bad endo and my RE couldn't clean them all up :sad: so I do worry about it coming back...but at least I know I'm not planning to have another baby, so whatever happens in the future, I will deal with it then.
    The itching definitely comes with it. Did the doctor give you ointments? To me that helps to ease the itching.
  13. No I have no creams. I think I will see my family doc on Friday but I am managing Ok now. I know endo can come back but it can be hard to treat. Wishing you the best in the future. x
  14. I´m glad it all went fine! I also had lapa for endo diagnosis 3 years ago. Removal of endo tissues, although no proper cyst.
    I was also in pain and swollen from the gas they put in, the first few days I could hardly move. Had my mum to help me dress!
    But then I recovered and was back at work after 10 days, although still tired.
    For your scars you will be able to massage them (once they started to heal) with either aloe vera or some vegetal oil w vitamin E, ask a specialist. I went to the doc to remove the stitches, and had a post op follow up.
    Everything was just perfect after that and I was SO happy to have my life back, painfree!!!!
  15. So glad it all worked out for you. I am getting better but tiredness does suddenly set in towards the end of each day.