Home food delivery programs.. Have you tried?

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  1. My husband and I decided to try home chef for a few meal or of the week while we are renovating a house to save on time at the grocery store.. We just got our first shipment in today. IMG_1476497644.472485.jpg
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  2. How was it?
  3. What did you and your husband think of Home Chef?

    I'm a huge fan of Blue Apron. I enjoy cooking but dislike figuring out what to make and shopping for ingredients. I love the new recipes and that all ingredients come straight to me. It's a lot of packaging, which I dislike, but all is recyclable.
  4. I've used Green Chef before and loved it! It's organic and their packaging is recyclable, reusable, or compostable and I have lots of vegan/vegetarian/paleo/omnivore choices.
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  5. I loved the chicken we cooked tonight. It had a fantastic flavor and was fairly easy to make. IMG_1476750740.612982.jpg
  6. Tonight was steak tacos and lime rice.. I can't do tomatoes so I left them out of mine..(ignore the paper plates.. Were in the process of moving and paper is easier currently) IMG_1476827601.408168.jpg IMG_1476827552.449798.jpg
  7. Early Congrats on your home renovation...exciting! Your pics look yummy! We used Blue Apron for about 2 months & loved it. Quality of ingredients & picture/recipe cards were awesome. I am not a great cook so I tried it to learn a few things (plus I hate food shopping so I loved the package delivery with all ingredients) There was plenty of food...we were never hungry after eating 1 of their meals. All the best to you!
  8. Thank you so much! The pork chop tonight was excellent to
  9. Those meals look so tasty!
  10. Just got our second delivery.. So looking forward to these
  11. I get my meats from a local delivery meat share every month. All grass fed beef, lamb, pork etc. They have add ons like eggs, butter, sausages, seasonal stuff & include recipes & spice packs. Love it. You can exclude whatever you don't like. It isn't 'organic' but their standards are actually stricter than certified organic.
  12. IMG_1477361719.861181.jpg tonight's dinner
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  13. looks good
  14. I have tried several of the meal delivery programs and I have found Terra's Kitchen to be the absolute best. They are a bit pricier than others, but the food comes prepped and ready to go. They also have a large selection of meals every week.
  15. Have those of you on home delivery stayed with it?