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  1. Does anyone have details on a good at home facial
    I could try?? For Dry skin?
  2. I usually remove my makeup and wash my face as usual (with Cetaphil), then I use my facial steamer, sometimes a gentle toner or a scrub, then I rinse really well with cold water, then I put on a heavy layer of moisturizer....
  3. Does the facial steamer work well for you??? What does it do for the skin?
    What mosturizer do you use, I am always looking for a good one.
    I think my skin looks a little dull and pore appear to be larger
  4. almost every night i give my face a good massage using cleansing oil, then take a hot towel and place it over my skin to open up the pores, wipe off the oil, rinse and repeat one more time. i also use aspirin mixed with cetaphil as a brightening mask 2-3 times a week and various other masks to brighten my complexion.

    i really like to use kate somerville's exfolikate as part of an at-home facial as well.
  5. The facial steamer works really well! You fill it with water and it uses steam to open and cleanse your pores. You can also add things to it with the water like essential oils or tea leaves. I got it for ~$15 at Target.

    For moisturizer I use Cetaphil lotion or cream, depending on how dry I am. My skin is so sensitive-- it is the *only* thing I can use without a problem.

    Occasionally I'll do a mask with honey and aspirin or epsom salt and honey. Or I mix epsom salt and Cetaphil lotion to make a scrub....

  6. For the Asprin Mask just add to a cream? Just one asprin?

  7. Where can I get Cleansing Oil?
    Do you remember the names of any masks?

    Sorry I am so new at this
    Could be the reason my skin looks dull
  8. I think there was a thread about it somewhere, but you take like 2-3 UNCOATED aspirins (that part is super important), and crush them up into a powder. Then you can mix it with a bit of honey or moisturizer to make a paste, then you leave it on your face ~10 mins or so and rinse off...

  9. Thanks
    I will get aspirins on tomorrow.:yes:
  10. I use SK-II cleansing oil which I absolutely love, but it's a bit pricey and many feel that DHC's or Shu Uemura's cleansing oils are just as good if not better. I find that massaging nightly with a cleansing oil definitely helps to rid my pores of blackheads and my skin seems to behave much better. I'm actually giving my friend a sample of the SK-II to try because she's been complaining of dullness/blackheads/dry patches.

    As for masks, it really depends on your personal preference and skin-type. I know a lot of ladies have mixed aspirin into the Queen Helen Mint Julep mask (available from Walgreens--it's really inexpensive and great!) with great success!

    Since you mention that your skin is dry, I'd also try sheet masks (the kind that come in individual packets and are face-shaped; you stick them on your skin for X amount of time then remove). There are some great moisturizing ones from various brands-my current fave is SK-II but again horribly over-priced, and there are definitely good ones out there.

    The Exfolikate is a great facial treatment I try to use at least once a week. It has a lot of fruit acids and other great ingredients, and so I use it I definitely notice a glow to my skin the next morning. A good alternative is the aspirin mask though, as you can customize it to suit your skin's particular needs.

    And I really have to say that I think the key to beautiful glowing skin is proper cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturization. Since your skin is dry, I wouldn't go overboard with the exfoliation but I really ilke Philosophy's Microdelivery wash as an everyday exfoliator that's not too harsh.
  11. ^^^WOW amazing advise, jc thanks! im doing it all!
  12. I do this at least once a week. I don't have a steamer per se, so I just use a regular pot and boil some water, then steam my face. I then exfoliate and use my QH mint julep mask, followed by cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.
  13. I use kitty litter. Just make sure its 100% pure clay (the cheapest brand is usually all clay, no perfume). It detoxifies.
  14. aspiring is also good for on the spot pimple treatment! Does anyone have anything that does not involve steam? I am prone (well not prone but i have had a few) broken capillaries, and was told to stay away from steam.

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